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Ladd Everitt of One Pulse for America: “we have a situation in Virginia right now that demands our attention”

by Ladd Everitt of One Pulse for America
ACTION ALERT: Folks, we have a situation in Virginia right now that demands our attention. Yesterday, two dangerous Trump supporters stood outside the campaign office of Democratic Congressional candidate Jane Dittmar openly carrying their guns. This is occurring in the wake of Trump pulling all his existing assets out of the state.

The ask here is two-fold:

1) Visit the following thread on Jane Dittmar’s Facebook page and voice your support for her and her staff by leaving a comment. Tell her she made the right decision by calling police immediately.


2) Call the Fluvanna County Sheriff’s Office at (434) 589-8211 and politely ask them to make sure they are keeping a close eye on open carrier Daniel Parks and his associate when they engage in this type of intimidation.


Thank you for standing with Jane Dittmar and her staff at this critical time. We take care of our own.

Daniel Parks, an avid Trump supporter, says he decided to stand up against Hillary Clinton supporters by peacefully protesting outside Jane Dittmar’s Fluvanna…

  • Right-wingnut Republican nominee in VA-05 thinks if you don’t like armed people in front of your office, you’re anti-2nd amendment. So why didn’t the national GOP convention allow guns inside? Hmmm…


  • THE lunatic fringe has been unleashed by the drumpf/trump-pence campaign. Angry their fuhrer is abandoning them they feel they have the right to try to intimidate and frighten their political opponents. There would be nothing wrong with drumpf/trump-pence supporters watching Jane Ditmar’s campaign office with their signs, handing out campaign literature to anyone who wants it. It dangerous and deranged when they feel they have to carry guns while doing it. The drumpf/tromp-pence campaign regularly encourages violence against anyone who isn’t a white good ol’boy, now it is just a matter of time before someone that doesn’t support drumpf/trump is seriously hurt or killed. These guys would have been brown shirts in 1930’s Germany. Please click the links and post messages on facebook. Jane’s opponent, little tommy garrett r VA 22nd, thinks this is all about the 2nd amendment and actually tweeted making fun of jane and her staff and supporters. But my money is on tommy garrett pissing his pants and doing a George Costanza if he heard anything that sounded like a gunshot in the capital in Richmond.

  • Video: TV News Report on Armed Trump Supporters in Front of Dem HQ