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“Open Carry” Trump Supporter with Rabidly Anti-Hillary Sign Shows Up at Del Ray Farmers Market in Alexandria, VA


Lovely, eh? Of course, the sign is completely backwards; in fact, Trump is the candidate who has expressed support and/or admiration for authoritarian/dictatorial regimes, and who appears to be the favorite of some of these thugs. I know, who needs facts when you’re all about “making America great again” and important stuff like that. Heh.

  • old_redneck

    These clowns need to read Virginia statutes 24.2-604 through 24.2- 607. If a person disrupts voting, then ANY Officer of Election is empowered to order a law enforcement officer to arrest that person and hold the person without charges for not more than 24 hours.

    “Disrupt voting” is defined by the Officer of Election who orders the arrest.

    I’m a member of our county Electoral Board. We have talked with our sheriff, Commonwealth’s Attorney, and Officers of Election. We are prepared to tolerate no disruption; sheriff and CA will back us up.

    If you want to show up at the polls carrying a weapon, fine. Go in, vote, and leave. If you hang around, and if ONE person complains, your young ass is going to jail.

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