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Bat****-Crazy Trump Falsely Alleges “Serious voter fraud in Virginia,” “Millions” of Illegal Immigrants Voting Nationwide


An Alex Jones-level insane man is about to become President; don’t say you weren’t warned. Also, check out Ezra Klein’s latest post, which concludes as follows:

It has been weeks since Donald Trump won the presidential election, and here is what we can say: he is still just himself. He is governing like he promised. He is appointing the loyalists, lackeys, and extremists he surrounded himself with during the campaign. He is tweeting the same strange, crazed missives, pursuing the same odd and counterproductive vendettas. His conflicts of interest have proven, if anything, worse than expected, and he has shown no shame, restraint, or interest in addressing them. America — through the electoral college — voted to make Donald J. Trump president, and we are getting what we asked for, good and hard.

  • From Rep.-elect Donald McEachin:

    McEachin Statement on President-elect Trump’s Voter Fraud Lie

    RICHMOND — Responding to President-elect Donald Trump’s claim that Sec. Hillary Clinton’s two million-ballot lead in the national popular vote comes from “millions of people who voted illegally,” Congressman-elect A. Donald McEachin made the following statement:

    “Without a shred of evidence, Donald Trump is recklessly alleging that millions of Americans who went to the polls and exercised their right to vote have together committed a massive, systemic crime. He is attacking the very citizens he is supposed to lead as president. Everyone who cares about our democracy should demand an explanation: why has Trump made this claim?

    “If he has evidence, Trump should share it immediately. But there is no evidence, because this reckless and damaging claim is just one more attempt to distract us from his very real problems — including deep conflicts of interest that have recently come to light.

    “I call on Donald Trump to retract his baseless claim. And I urge him to take concrete steps, immediately, to prevent unprecedented conflicts between his business interests and our national interest — the very conflicts that these reckless words are meant to obscure.”

  • Dan Rather:

    Could someone who has Donald Trump’s ear please take away his phone and tell him that he now has a very big job to do that requires paying attention to reality? There are no training wheels for being president. You go from a common citizen to the most powerful person on the planet. And that is not a joke.

    “He’s got the whole world in his hands” is an old spiritual that has become a favorite of camping trips and sing-a-longs about the power of the Almighty. But when it comes to the affairs of humankind and the planet, you could make the case that you could almost say the same thing about the powers of the president of the United States.

    War and peace. Justice and the economy. Even now with the looming catastrophe of climate change, the very health of our Earth. All are in the hands of the president. But here we have Donald Trump, who will soon be sitting behind the desk of the Oval Office tasked with decisions that will shape millions of lives and our world, tweeting lies – lies – about illegal votes.

    The very job description of the presidency is you can’t afford to be petty. Richard Nixon was and it destroyed him. But I can’t think of anyone else who was so obsessed with apparent slights and minutiae. Donald Trump has won the presidency. I know there is a movement to recount votes in a few key states, but barring a plot twist worthy of the Twilight Zone I can’t see all of this changing much. For Trump it should be a minor distraction to task a junior aid to keep in touch with not what dominates his mind to such a degree that he issues multiple public statements about it – statements far adrift from any reported fact.

  • Quizzical

    I don’t mind if Trump uses Twitter to share his thoughts. At least we know what he is thinking. What is really dangerous is if Trump is allowed to read Twitter, as obviously he is easily taken in by fake news that is favorable to him.

  • DPVA statement:

    “Donald Trump’s claims are demonstrably false and irresponsible. Unfortunately, he’s employing the same logic used by Virginia Republicans in their unrelenting efforts to make it more difficult to vote in the Commonwealth. Virginia Republicans and candidates should immediately dispel Trump’s irresponsible comments and work to maintain the highest level of public trust in our electoral system.”

  • Tim Kaine calls Trump FALSE claim of voter fraud in Virginia “shameful”


  • wwfleming

    I worked at a polling location in Hanover County on Nov. 8 and went in to observe the final count. The number of people voting at the polling machines is compared to the separate count of people that showed up at the door. There were no extra ballots cast compared to the number that showed up.

    In order to see if there were discrepancies, it would be necessary to compare the paper ballot votes against the machine counts. Switching votes in the electronic count would require a deep conspiracy and would require others being less honest and going along with such a conspiracy. Manual recounts at random precincts by an outside independent group would probably be a good way to verify system integrity.

    • “Manual recounts at random precincts by an outside independent group would probably be a good way to verify system integrity.” Makes a lot of sense, is this being done anywhere? Thanks.

      • wwfleming

        I don’t know if it is being done anywhere else, but random samples are done often as part of a quality control and management system. If something like this were adopted, it might help tamp down some of the flapping and squawking about voter fraud that seems to be a current norm in politics. (Actually, they will probably not stop.)

        • Yeah, sadly it won’t stop, because Republicans cynically use these bull**** claims of “voter fraud” to suppress the Democratic “base” vote – African Americans, Latinos, young people, etc. And clearly, it worked in 2016, helping them to win WI for sure…

          • wwfleming

            A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. – Mark Twain