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Tuesday News: R.I.P. Gwen Ifill; Trump “Turn[s] On the Hate” with Bannon Pick; Colbert Skewers Trump


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, November 15. Also check out Stephen Colbert talk about how, as Trump “fills his cabinet with questionable figures and works to fulfill his campaign promises, many Americans are looking for some reassurance.”

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  • True Blue

    I just wrote to our thoughtful President Obama, thanked him for his leadership, and expressed concern about granting the nepotism request of the president-elect; the children and a son-in-law have not demonstrated any viable reason for consideration for security clearances. Is this because Bannon cannot secure his own clearance?

    I reminded President Obama that while he may consider the president-elect pragmatic who needs much instruction, Bannon is the ideologue and the real mover/destroyer behind the future of our country. The president-elect is not interested in service, preferring to have a four-day work week and spending long weekends at his properties.

    Someone who demanded President Obama show his “papers;” demeaned and delegitimized him for five years; claimed the president is “weak;” will be barely tolerated by me and millions of others who secured the popular vote and considered the inclusive and hopeful Democratic platform superior to divisiveness, fear mongering and threats.

    I strongly suggested that the president does not need to honor every demand, to just let the new part-time occupant of the People’s House be the “man he needs to be” but not at President Obama’s expense. Let the new guy make his own way on that and many other issues, proving his insular self-interest, and distrust for Americans on his own “watch.”

  • Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA) Chairwoman Susan Swecker sent the following letter to DPVA members and leaders today regarding the 2016 election:

    A Letter to Virginia Democrats: What Happens Next


    For the last week, friends and family have been calling, emailing and texting constantly, asking: “Susan, how are you?” It reminds me of the old line: “So Mrs. Lincoln, other than that how was the play?”

    But now that a week has gone by and we have some perspective I wanted to share a few thoughts.

    We’re a family – and I can’t sugar coat it. Some of you may have been on the call with President Obama yesterday when he said “expected losses are hard enough. Unexpected ones are just worse.” This one was heartbreaking and it still is. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote and Donald Trump was elected president. I know it’s unfair, I know it might feel difficult to move forward, but I take it to heart when Hillary Clinton said we must “never stop believing that fighting for what’s right is worth it.” And so we move forward because we must.

    We have a lot to be proud of here in the Commonwealth, and I’m proud of each and every one of you that helped ensure our wins. Virginia was the only battleground state that went blue for Hillary and Tim. And it was the only Southern state that went Blue. This is huge. We also voted down the anti-labor Right to Work Amendment, we elected Donald McEachin to Congress, and we elected former Secretary of the Commonwealth and former DPVA Executive Director Levar Stoney as mayor of Richmond – all while setting critical groundwork for 2017.

    These accomplishments are due to YOUR hard work. Everyone gave this election their all. I saw it firsthand in my travels, in emails, and staff reports. YOU stepped up to the plate — and it paid off. I am so proud to work with all of you and I remain inspired by your dedication and passion.

    As you well know, the work is far from over. We cannot allow Donald Trump to normalize hate — Virginians are counting on us more than ever. We must elect Democrats to statewide office next year to insulate Virginians from Donald Trump’s policies. It’s never been more important.

    When Tim Kaine quoted Faulkner during his concession speech, he said, “They kilt us but they ain’t whupped us yit.” Tim said exactly what we needed to hear: the fight isn’t over. Virginia Democrats never give up, we never throw in the towel, we never become complacent, and that’s what drives us each and every day.

    So, finish off that last chocolate bar, have a few more glasses of bourbon and then let’s get to work!

    With Deepest Appreciation,

    Chairwoman Susan Swecker

  • True Blue

    Here’s a good one: “What’s Pence Hiding in his E-mails?”

    “Now that the presidential campaign and most of the furor over Hillary Clinton’s email scandal are behind us, the Pence administration is going to court to argue for its own brand of email secrecy.”

    “The administration is fighting to conceal the contents of an email sent to Gov. Mike Pence by a political ally. That email is being sought by a prominent Democratic labor lawyer who says he wants to expose waste in the Republican administration.”

    “But legal experts fear the stakes may be much higher than mere politics because the decision could remove a judicial branch check on executive power and limit a citizen’s right to know what the government is doing and how it spends taxpayer dollars.”


  • Rep. Don Beyer rips Bannon pick, says it validates fears re: “bigotry & hate crimes”


    • Rep. Gerry Connolly:
      “Joined fellow Democrats to demand that President-elect Trump rescind the appointment of an anti-semitic white nationalist with a history of domestic violence. Steve Bannon and his ilk don’t belong anywhere near the Oval Office.”

  • Video: Clear and President Danger: Steve Bannon


    • True Blue

      Authoritarianism and fascism was being discussed a year ago!.Never is it time to normalize Bannon!



      “The sickening part is that this is a modern-dress replay of Sinclair Lewis’s brilliant political satire of the 1930s: “It Can’t Happen Here,” in which an extremely dumb but charismatic junior Fascist named Buzz Windrip ousts FDR in the 1936 presidential election, promising to make America great again for the common man.”

      “After the inauguration President Windrip does three things: one, he sells out the government to the big corporations. Two, he puts the Congress and court system in an “advisory” role, so that all power is concentrated upon himself. Three, he creates an army of “Minute Men” under their own chain of command as “special policemen” to do his dirty work of eliminating the opposition and operating prison camps.”

      “Soon his advisers — the powers behind the throne, remove Windrip and make the state even more fascistic, as the national economy declines, more and more people are imprisoned and tortured, armed resistance breaks out, and the new leaders try to solve the nation’s problems by invading Mexico.”

      “The parallels are incredible.” (from comments in daily kos article; “RNC Member Blows Up At CNN Host For Reading Vile Breitbart Website Headlines”)

  • Video: Sting reopens the Bataclan…one year later.