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Monday News: Electoral College Meets; “How Republics End”; “This Is Not Normal”; Ta-Nehisi Coates on President Obama


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, December 19. Also check out Ta-Nehisi Coates, one of the most brilliant writers in America, “whose [The Atlantic] piece entitled ‘My President Was Black‘ will lead the January/February 2017 issue, reveals what he’s learned about Obama during the eight years that Coates covered him, and how the president has —or hasn’t — changed since 2008.”

  • Quizzical

    Are solar power cells still manufactured in the US? This article indicates no:
    It says that China is making them.

    Keep this in mind as Trump goes about deliberately goading China while at the same time filling his cabinet with oil men and making friends with the Russian oligarchs who control Russia’s oil and gas resources. A trade war with China might suit the oil men fine, if it cuts off the supply of cheap solar cells manufactured in China.

    • I strongly doubt Trump understands this…or much of anything else.

  • Can you imagine if Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton had had a private security force???

    Robert Reich:

    More evidence of pending Trump tyranny is his decision to maintain and an aggressive and unprecedented private security force — unlike all modern presidents and presidents-elect who have entrusted their personal security entirely to the Secret Service.

    Security officials warn that a private security force heightens risks for protesters — dozens of whom have already alleged racial profiling, undue force or aggression at the hands of Trump’s security, with at least 10 joining a trio of lawsuits now pending against Trump, his campaign or its security.

    Even after the election, Trump’s private security force has removed protesters – sometimes roughly – at many of his “Thank You Tour” rallies, including about a dozen protesters during a rally in Grand Rapids on Dec. 9, after Trump shouted “Get ‘em out!”

    Kings and dictators have palace guards. President’s don’t. At least not until King Trump. Congress should make it illegal for a president to have a private security force accountable to no one but himself.

  • Great point by Chris Bowers: “One of the top priorities of the next DNC chair needs to be cleaning up the way some state parties choose their electors (cough, Washington and Colorado, cough). I’m not even kidding. If we can’t even get that right, then in 2020 we could win the popular vote and the Electoral College and still lose. It almost happened to Clinton in 2016.”