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Tuesday News: “Pizzagate”-Type Lies the “New Normal” in Trump’s America?; SCOTUS Hears “Racial Packing” Case for Virginia House of Delegates


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, December 6. Also check out Samantha Bee on “Fake News, Real Consequences” and our insane next National Security Advisor.

  • True Blue

    Thanks Obama! Since Trump refuses daily national security briefings and confuses tweetership for leadership, it’s great to see that there’s still an adult in the room.


    “The 61-page document outlines eight years of the administration’s legal opinions, executive orders and military directives. In a strong defense of the administration’s actions, it lists rules for lethal drones and terrorist detention, and describes the international and domestic law that undergirds them.”

    “Such rules are important to reduce “the risk of an ill-considered decision,” President Obama wrote in an introduction to the document. When making policy on war and peace, he wrote, it was critical to disclose “as much information as possible to the public . . . so that an informed public can scrutinize our actions and hold us to account.””

    “Obama said that, together with the report, he was issuing a presidential memorandum “that encourages future Administrations to build on this report and carry forward the principles of transparency it represents.” The memorandum, he said, asks for it to be updated by the National Security Council staff at least on an annual basis and released to the public.”



  • Quizzical

    Re the pizzeria vigilante, I would give him a substantial prison sentence. He drove up to DC with three firearms in his vehicle, and fired a shot in the pizza shop. Apparently he did not call the D.C. MPD from North Carolina to ask about the truth of these stories.

    • Agreed. Now what about the people – Michael Flynn, for one – who incited this violence?

      • Quizzical

        Perhaps Comet Ping Pong Pizza could sue for injurious falsehood, assuming that they have actually suffered financial losses due to the Pizzagate lies. Liability for a claim for injurious falsehood requires proof that defendant’s unprivileged publication of false statements concerning plaintiff’s property or product, with knowledge or reckless disregard of the falsity by the defendant, was the proximate cause of pecuniary harm to the plaintiff. It would be nice if a progressive billionaire would fund it, just like Peter Thiel did for the Gawker lawsuit.

  • Quizzical

    I watched part of Van Jones’ video story, The Messy Truth, in which he visits an Ohio family to talk about why they voted for Trump, after having voted for Obama in two elections. I had to turn it off when I heard the dad patiently explaining that they couldn’t trust Hillary after she responded to a subpoena by destroying 30,000 emails that had been subpoenaed. They swallowed that lie hook, line and sinker.

    • Yep. Meanwhile, the Trump administration is shaping up to be the most corrupt – quite possibly by far – in U.S. history. And the “emails” turned out to be…basically nothing.