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Superb Videos: “Whites & Blacks Face Same Struggles in ‘Fight for 15′”; “Think This Coal Country Southerner Voted for Trump?”


These videos by my friend Eric Byler are really great, I strongly recommend that you check them out! Also, this Nic Smith guy is brilliant…totally nails it, get him on the Sunday talk shows and maybe I’d actually watch them again. 🙂

The first: “Nic Smith makes $2.35 per hour at a Waffle House in Virginia, and, he knows more about politics and economics than anyone in Washington DC. TYT’s Eric Byler (Twitter.com/EricByler ) caught up with him at a ‘Fight for 15’ rally outside a McDonalds in Richmond, VA.”

The second: “Nic Smith, a self-described ‘white trash hillbilly from the holler’ has a few choice words for The Young Turks and other ‘left wing media’ outlets in regard to assumptions about people from the South and from Coal Country. Did he believe Donald Trump when he promised to bring all the coal jobs back? What does he think about popular narratives on the right, blaming immigrants for global economic conditions, or cutting back on immigration to protect the white majority? Nic Smith is a Virginia Raise Up ‘Fight for 15’ activist who, in a previous TYT Politics report, thrilled the TYT audience with keen observations and enlightening insights about 21st century struggles for working class Americans.”


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