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Tuesday News: Samantha Bee and Glenn Beck (WTF???); GOP Electors Shockingly Don’t Stand Up For America, Against Trump (Heh)


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, December 20. Also, check out Samantha Bee sitting down with…Glenn Beck. Yeah, we are living in utterly bizarre times.

  • Video: Seth Meyers “takes a closer look at the political crisis in North Carolina, where Republicans sought to strip power away from the incoming Democratic governor before he takes office.” As Meyers explains, “Basically, [Republicans] drew some districts to group together as many African-American voters as possible to dilute their political power” – it’s called the legacy of “300 years of institutional racism.”


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    Glen Beck is more obvious than most, but I’m expecting many of the political talk show hosts to gradually shift into a stance of opposing and criticizing the Trump administration. You don’t keep a large following by being a cheerleader, but by feeding off of controversy and attacking decisions that are being made. Even Rush will turn on Trump.

    Maybe it will happen quicker now that Hillary Clinton seems to have permanently exited the stage. She was such a lightning rod for the right — who can take her place as a lightning rod to build audiences and energy on the right?

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  • EW Jackson says Michelle Obama needs “therapy, in Indonesia…until 2066.”