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Sunday News: Warning from Government Ethics Office on Trump Nominees; “What went wrong with the Democratic Party?”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, January 8.

  • Quizzical

    Nixon’s win at any cost philosophy led him to stunning disloyalty
    Sounds familiar

    • I couldn’t speak to that, but Trump’s doing enough damage as it is. I think we’re about to see rampant cronyism on a scale unseen since the Grant administration, probably worse. Which is why I can’t be a Republican anymore; suddenly this bullshit is okay, and they cheer it, all in the name of fealty to Trump.

      • Quizzical

        It’s all part of the same fabric or pattern. In one sense, Vladimir Putin is simply another business crony helping Trump out, and expecting favorable treatment in return.

        Here’s an interesting article from the NYT, about Trump supporters who have no problem with Trump getting help from the Russians.
        They still can’t see beyond Hillary Clinton. It’s not about her anymore though, she’s history. It’s about divided loyalties and conflicts of interest and undisclosed influence at our highest level of government.

        It’s also about how the game of U.S. politics is going to be played. And I don’t mean in the next Presidential election, I mean from now on, and also who is going to be playing. If there is no political cost to accepting help from a foreign government in one’s campaign, and no real cost to the foreign government either, then why not do it?

        For a man with as many secrets as Trump seems to have, he is remarkably cavalier about this.

  • Video: How demented are Trump and his people? Reince Preibus blames DNC (the victim) for being hacked!


    • Quizzical

      I haven’t seen any report describing the computer security systems and training used by the DNC prior to the Wikileaks disclosures. Has anyone seen that? I’d like to read that.

      There’s no question that the DNC was asleep at the switch when the FBI notified them that their system was breached. (Just yesterday, I heard a report on SkyNews that it was the British who observed the DNC data being transported out and who informed the USG.)

      That’s a good talking point for the consumption by the Trump faithful, but the truth is that any computer network connected to the internet is vulnerable to being hacked. And with “zero day” exploits, and malware-infected websites, that can happen even if there is security software and no user error. (But there is always plenty of user error.) A foreign intelligence service that really wants to break in, is going to succeed. If they can’t break in remotely, they can figure out a way to get somebody inside to put an infected thumb drive into a USB port, or visit the “wrong” website, or something.

      In sum, the DNC is never going to be able to secure its computer systems against a foreign intelligence service. Same goes for the RNC. That’s my opinion anyway.

      That’s why this is such a big deal. Reinvent is not going to get it until ten rears worth of his emails are published on Wikileaks.

      • Esther Ferington

        Here is an extremely detailed report on this from — get this — JUNE 2016. It was all out there. But there were so many stories that this fairly long report did not cause a big bang. I remember reading it at the time and just duly noting it myself — not thinking that it was, in a sense, the equivalent of the Watergate break-in or that it would change the course of history. In fact, the title back then was a bit misleading, suggesting a more narrow focus than later turned out to be the case.

        To answer your question, right near the end, the guy at CrowdStrike (a consulting firm), made this blanket statement, which I think is correct:

        “This is a sophisticated foreign intelligence service with a lot of time, a lot of resources, and is interested in targeting the U.S. political system,” Henry said. He said the DNC was not engaged in a fair fight. “You’ve got ordinary citizens who are doing hand-to-hand combat with trained military officers,” he said. “And that’s an untenable situation.”

        Here’s the full story from back then:

        • Quizzical

          Reince talks like the DNC had no defenses whatsoever. That can’t be true. If you had a computer network exposed to the internet without a firewall, or antivirus software, the normal everyday hackers would own it within a day or so.

  • Video: Lying liar Kellyanne Conway on Wikileaks, Russian hacking, etc. It’s really nauseating to listen to this heinous human being.


  • Video: Sen. Lindsey Graham (R) says Republicans “gleeful” about Russian hacks are “not a Republican…not a patriot”