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BREAKING: Democrat Kimberly Adams Announces Against Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA 10)


I’ve posted about two potential Democratic candidates (State Sen. Jennifer Wexton and Fairfax County Board member Kathy Smith) to run against the abysmal Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-10th) next year. I’ve also heard several other names rumored. But now, we have an actual, announced Democratic candidate — Kimberly Adams; see email below.

From: “Kimberly Adams”
Date: Mar 25, 2017 1:03 AM
Subject: Kimberly Adams for Congress

Dear Friends and Family,

Many of you have said you expected this to happen someday.  TODAY IS THE DAY.  I am gathering support for a run in the 10th Congressional District here in Virginia.

I am running to represent the hard working people who make our homes here in the 10th District. I am a teacher and I always have been. It is time that someone like me defies all the odds and puts in the time to be our voice in Congress.  Barbara Comstock is not serving her constituents well and she does not share my values.  I believe that I can bring a strong voice of reason to Washington D.C. and be a powerful advocate for all those living in the 10th District.

Primary day will be in June of 2018 and Election day will be in November 2018. That may seem like a long way off – it is not.

I know that I can be successful in this race. I know that I can represent the interests here in the 10th. I also know that I will need your help to make this happen. Please click on the link below and make a commitment of your dollars. Know that the contribution will not be called-in until I officially file for the seat.  This will happen on July 1.  I am hoping to secure funds from as many people as possible to jump-start this campaign. (Federal contribution rules stipulate that an individual can give $2600 per race for a total of $5200 – so give early and give often!)


I appreciate all of your support and I will be in touch with each and every one of you soon.  You can always email me suggestions for the campaign, tell me about issues that you would like to see highlighted, or share ideas that you have for this race. You can view my early website here: www.kimberlyadamsforcongress.com

Thank you for always standing by me in the past and for believing in me now.



Kimberly Adams

Working to Represent Virginia’s 10th Congressional District

  • Glen Bayless

    Background on her? I am not familiar with her previous activities

    • As it says on her website (https://www.kimberlyadamsforcongress.com/):

      Kimberly is a 17-year veteran Fairfax County Public School teacher. She is the immediate past president of the Fairfax County Education Association and currently serves as the president of the Fairfax County Council of PTAs. Kimberly has watched our politicians take money that should be going to our schools and gave handouts to special interests and big corporations. With Donald Trump and his new education secretary Betsy DeVos in Washington, now more than ever we need people in Congress who will stand up and fight back when they try to turn our public schools into for-profit charter schools. Kimberly will fight for our children, our schools, and our teachers so ALL our children can be successful.

      • Glen Bayless


  • HectorHectoria

    I like the idea of more teachers in congress.

  • Hugh

    Yeah shes a teacher seems okay etc but a teacher is going to have biased and wrong views on drugs which is an ever growing issue in va. harm reduction not war on drugs #legalize it all

  • Susan D.

    This will be great for her. Walking door to door will help her shed some pounds and be healthy again.