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Video: Mark Herring, Tom Perriello Speak to Arlington Dems’ Blue Victory Dinner 2017


Nice crowd tonight for the Arlington Democrats’ annual Blue Victory dinner. See below for speeches by Virginia AG Mark Herring and gubernatorial candidate Tom Perriello. The straw polls were won by Ralph Northam for governor (by around 2:1 over Perriello); Justin Fairfax for LG with 86 votes (Susan Platt finished second with 57 votes and Gene Rossi third with 7 votes); Erik Gutshall for County Board (Vivek Patil finished second, Kim Klingler third and Peter Fallon fourth) and James Lander by a slim margin over Monique O’Grady for Arlington School Board (Maura McMahon finished third). Great job by everyone who helped organize and run the event tonight, and of course by the Arlington Dems’ fearless leader Kip Malinosky, who’s so dedicated he was there despite his girlfriend Erica Jackson being in the hospital (she’s doing fine, or as Kip noted, he wouldn’t have been there!).

Photo by Yasmine Taeb

  • Arlington Blue Victory Dinner straw poll results: Northam 107-Perriello 57; Fairfax 86-Platt 57-Rossi 7; Erik Gutshall 76-Vivek Patil 44-Kim Klingler 23-Peter Fallon 19 (for Arlington County Board); James Lander 66-Monique O’Grady 55-Maura McMahon 27 (for Arlington School Board)


  • From the Erik Gutshall for Arlington County Board campaign:


    Arlington, VA – On Saturday evening at the Arlington County Democratic Committee’s annual Blue Victory Dinner, Erik Gutshall won the first straw poll ahead of next month’s County Board firehouse primary.

    “This campaign is about planning for our school and community needs, creating ‘Missing Middle’ housing solutions along our transportation corridors, and investing in our shared prosperity,” said Gutshall. “It is gratifying to win this straw poll and have the support of Arlington Democrats behind our progressive, inclusive vision for Arlington.”

    “Though three of the four candidates in this race have previously run for the County Board,” said Gutshall campaign manager Laura Saul Edwards, “this was the first opportunity for all of this year’s candidates to appear on a ballot together. Given the opportunity to choose among our party’s four talented candidates, Arlington Democrats clearly chose Erik Gutshall. This is just the latest evidence of strong momentum for the Gutshall campaign ahead of next month’s firehouse primary.”

    Gutshall previously ran for the Arlington County Board in 2016 and earned over 6,800 votes.