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Erik Gutshall, Monique O’Grady Win Convincingly for Arlington County, School Boards


Happy to report that both candidates I endorsed – Erik Gutshall and Monique O’Grady – won big time tonight. 🙂

Arlington County Democratic Committee Announces Caucus Winners:
Erik Gutshall for County Board and Monique O’Grady for School Board

The Arlington County Democratic Committee (ACDC) is pleased to announce that Erik Gutshall will be our nominee for County Board and Monique O’Grady will be our endorsee for School Board.

Both winners were chosen by Arlington Democratic voters using instant runoff voting, which ensures that each has majority support. Erik Gutshall and Monique O’Grady both led after the first round of voting. After the second round, Gutshall won with 55.2 percent of the vote and O’Grady won with 59.4 percent.

ACDC chair Kip Malinosky issued the following statement:

“Local politics is where Democratic values matter most because our elected officials make decisions every day that help shape our neighborhoods, our schools, and our sense of community. We are grateful to all the candidates and the voters who came out over three days to select our nominees.  Erik and Monique are committed to making Arlington a more inclusive community, with great schools and opportunities for all. We can’t wait to elect them in November.”

The unassembled caucus, which was held over three days at locations across Arlington, welcomed 5,972 voters, who stepped up to demonstrate their commitment to maintaining Arlington’s world-class education system, its decades of careful community planning, and its economic strength and diversity.  This exceeded the previous ACDC caucus record turnout (4,951 votes in 1993) by over one thousand votes.

More detailed information on the vote tallies will be posted shortly on ACDC’s website.

Onward to victory in November!

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