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Video: When It Comes to Dominion Power’s Corruption, I Actually Agree with…Corey Stewart?!?


Yeah, Corey Stewart’s run a disgusting campaign this year based on bigotry, demagoguery, fearmongering, anger, xenophobia, etc, etc. In other words, typical Corey Stewart, going back to at least 2007. But on the points he makes in the following video, from Friday’s “Politics Hour” on WAMU, I really can’t disagree. Check it out.

Stewart: “I’ll tell you one area where I agree with Perriello, and that is no lawmaker, especially down in Richmond, should be able to take campaign contributions from Dominion Virginia Power or any other monopoly utility, and here’s why. For monopolies, they are directly regulated by the General Assembly…and if you look at the records, Dominion has bribed almost every member of the General Assembly…in the most political sense, that’s right…How can you have the body that is supposed to be regulating directly Dominion Virginia Power so that citizens are not taken advantage of by Dominion; how can you have that very body…taking huge campaign contributions [from Dominion]? Good question!


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