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Perriello to Torch-Wielding Racists in Cville: “Get your white supremacist hate out of my hometown”


Crazy, despicable white supremacist crap in Charlottesville, Virginia last night. What are these people’s goals? According to their leader, Richard Spencer, “We’re fighting for a White future.” Also gotta love the chants of “Russia is our friend” — near a statue of Robert E. Lee, no less. So…we know exactly what these people are all about, and we know what the response should be: as Tom Perriello put it, “Get your white supremacist hate out of my hometown.” Or as Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer wrote, “I want everyone to know this: we reject this intimidation. We are a Welcoming City, but such intolerance is not welcome here.”

The caption to this video reads as follows:

My brother, girlfriend and I went to check out a protest going down at a park near us and take some pictures. Funny enough, we had just been at a Bar Mitzvah, so we were all a bit dressed up, and I was wearing a red yarmulke (I usually do, I’m not super-religious but I wear the yarmulke all the time). We had no idea what the protest was for. Turns out, it was actually an Alt-Right (a.k.a. neo-Nazi) protest. We did nothing to them besides stand there, hold up a camera, and take pictures. But because I was wearing a yarmulke, they started yelling “Oy vey!” at me, yelling at me about how Israel has a wall and America doesn’t, and calling me Jew. So I started making a video. One brave woman marched into the crowd screaming “BLACK LIVES MATTER!” while everyone around her tried to shut her down. She was a CHAMP. At one point (not caught on the video), the neo-Nazis pushed her and she fell to her knees, still crying out in favor of Black Lives Matter. Fortunately, other folks stepped in and broke it up before it got more violent, and as the protesters marched out, that women was still trailing them, flipping them off and yelling at them. I think the alt-right protest was set to coincide with a multicultural festival that was happening nearby. Fortunately, the police broke them up before they could do anything.

FUN BONUS CONTENT: if you listen, there’s a girl on the right about 17 seconds in who turns to me and yells, “Come here, we won’t bite! COME HERE, YOU JEW!”If you want to show people what the alt-right are like, show them this video. They’re racist, anti-semitic, close-minded bullies.

  • Jack Beno

    I can only say to notify their employers, their schools and everyone else and hope they do the right thing.If they don’t, bring the power of the purse to bear. No one wants to lose revenue over these weasels.

  • Del. David Toscano (D-Charlottesville):

    “I never thought I would see the day when white supremacists would descend on Charlottesville. As a community, we need to speak in one loud voice to say “Go away, we do not want you here; we will address our own issues in our own way.” And what is this stuff about “Russia is our friend?” Where does this come from? A deep authoritarianism within the group? We have been hearing similar statements suggesting this from The White House, but linking it to white supremacy? Certainly, it is so far out of the mainstream of American ideals that it should be roundly criticized and condemned.”

  • Ed Gillespie issues a pathetically weak statement about events in Cville yesterday; fails to use words “racist,” “white supremacist,” “hate,” etc.


    • A_Siegel

      Ed Gillespie: Profile in (lack of) Courage

  • Fiushman123

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the far-LEFT cooked this manure up. It is certainly more in line with their MOA than the right.

    • Elaine Owens

      What? Are you crazy? Oh, right,

    • Armadillo

      Watching the liars on Faux News again, aren’t you?

    • A_Siegel

      Right, (neo-)Nazi Richard Spencer and the entire ‘keep Confederacy statues in prominent places’ movement is all “manure” ‘cooked … up’ by ‘the far-LEFT’. And, of course, man never landed on the moon (all done in a Hollywood film set in the desert), humanity has no impact on the climate, Donald Trump is a competent and honest man, the Holocaust never happened, slaves were happy & lucky to have white masters, Fox News is factual, … FYI, the Brooklyn Bridge is available for sale and you can get in early on the deal …

  • old_redneck

    Perhaps the next time these idjits hold a torchlight parade, the Charlottesville Fire Department can use them for practice. Nothing like a few thousand gallons of water from a 2-inch hose to calm things down.

  • John Candor

    Ah, racism in CVille. Not a new topic there. let me ask…did you ever cover City Council member Wes Bellamys racist tweets?

    Oh…but he’s a black Democrat, so….I’d guess no. And you never would. No white liberal would EVER be so bold as to speak up against that right? Until I’m proven wrong maybe you shouldn’t talk about racism in Cville at all hmm?

    • A_Siegel

      Ugh … the ‘how dare you highlight how bad ‘I am’ (those I support are) if you haven’t sufficiently (to a standard that will always shift) dealt with your (or anyone I chose to associate you with) skeletons in (or out of) the closet.

      Re Bellamy, doubt you’d find anyone serious in the Democratic Party who wouldn’t condemn Bellamy’s racist, sexist, homophobic, and, well, outright disgusting tweeting from years ago.

      The Cavalier Daily piece lays out these ugly tweets/engagements pretty well. http://www.cavalierdaily.com/article/2016/11/wes-bellamy-charlottesville-twitter They also gave Bellamy a chance to engage on this … which included “I sincerely apologize” with a statement he has grown/learned/changed since then.

      Is the world Calvinist, with individual change and growth impossible, or can people learn/’evolve’ …

      • John Candor

        I searched this site for “bellamy”…now, I’d think a blog that bills itself as “Virginia and national politics from a progressive, Democratic perspective.” would mention this…but no. All I could find was praise and dfense for Bellamy.

        “Powerful statements from Wes Bellamy” and defending him, “Blogger attacks African American Charlottesville City Council Member”.

        So..looks like I was right. Don’t scream about racism until you confront it yourselves, and this blog has failed miserably in that. But hey; gotta defend a black Democrat at ALL costs right? Thank God for double standards; without them liberals would have none.

  • Video: Counter-protest against far-right, white supremacist hate in Charlottesville


  • True Blue

    Checking the right’s versions of Charlottesville events – only one of two blogs bothered to report on it. The author states his opposition to white nationalism and the extremism of the rally’s organizer, but some commenters defend the “torched” actions as peaceful protests against the left’s so-called hatred of whites, mislabel the rally as a “candlelight” vigil, rant against the media for undue attention on the rally and racism, and call out elected officials for smearing conservatives in order to “purge state’s history.”

    How many buses did the organizer hire for the “torched” earth society? I was relieved to see a real candlelight vigil, a counter-protest on Sunday.

    • Yep, the silence, weak statements and/or false equivalence on the right is deafening.

  • Shocker: Neo-Nazi leader David Duke thinks that Neo-Nazi torchlight rally in Cville was great!


  • Charlottesville Police Department statement on arrest of white supremacists:

    While monitoring the rally at Lee Park last night 05/14/2017, Charlottesville Police officers had to respond to several incidents of disorderly conduct that lead to three people being arrested.

    Officers arrested Charles W. Best a 21 year old male from Richmond, Va. for assault and battery on law enforcement (Va Code 18.2-57C) as well as disorderly conduct (Va Code 18.2-415) and carrying a concealed weapon (Va Code 18.2-308M). The weapon in question was fully automatic opening knife.

    Also arrested were Jordan C. McNeish a 28 year old male from Afton, Va. and Jason E. Kessler a 33 year old male from Charlottesville, Va. Both were charged with disorderly conduct (Va Code 18.2- 415).

    During the last minutes of the rally, several disorders ensued and while breaking these up one of our officers was struck with an object thrown from the crowd causing a minor injury to his head. Charles W. Best was identified as the individual who threw the object and was taken in to custody. During a search of his person incident to arrest the automatic opening knife was located on his person.

    The disorderly conduct arrest of Jordan C. Mcneish was related to him spitting on Jason Kessler. Jason E. Kessler’s arrest for disorderly conduct is related to his activities while at the park in which he would not obey officer’s commands to leave the area as well as inciting others while using a bull horn.