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Trump Ag. Sec. Sonny Purdue Comes to Loudoun County to Make Kids’ Lunches Unhealthy Again


Appalling as usual from the Trump administration, as Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue comes to Loudoun County, Virginia to announce that “[s]chools won’t have to cut more salt from meals just yet and some will be able to serve kids fewer whole grains, under changes to federal nutrition standards announced Monday…partially rolls back rules championed by former first lady Michelle Obama as part of her healthy eating initiative….the Agriculture Department will delay an upcoming requirement to lower the amount of sodium in meals while continuing to allow waivers for regulations that all grains on the lunch line must be 50 percent whole grain.”

In other words, the Trump administration is hard at work making kids’ school lunches NOT great again. Not cool.

By the way, check out the sharply different statements by one announced 10th CD Democratic candidate (State Senator Jennifer Wexton) and one rumored 10th CD Democratic candidate (VA First Lady Dorothy McAuliffe). For my part, I strongly agree with Sen. Wexton – it’s “reprehensible that [Loudoun County Public Schools] is using students as props in a photo op for a measure weakening federal nutrition standards for school lunches.” As for First Lady Dorothy McAuliffe’s comments, I’m kinda baffled, as there is essentially zero chance of working together with the horrible Trump administration to build on Michelle Obama’s efforts to make school lunches more nutritious. To be blunt, we’ll be incredibly lucky if we don’t see massive regression in this area (and every other area) over the next  3 years, 9 months…

  • I strongly agree with Loudoun County Board Chair Phyllis Randall on this:

    Our students eating healthier and eating food that tastes good does not need to be mutually exclusive. Kids today are more sedentary, with more health problems, and many more preservatives in their food. Putting all politics aside (I know it’s hard but let’s try) why would this or any administration seek to roll back higher nutritional standards for students. Considering how many inner city kids live in food deserts, sometimes school lunches are the only place they will receive a healthier meal. This this just wrong, illogical and wrong.