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VA GOP Chair Says Massive # of Dems Running in 2017 a “Huge Help” to…Republicans???


We already knew that VA GOP Chair John “Anti-Semitic Joke Dude” Whitbeck wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but seriously? The fact that Democrats have a ton of candidates running against Republicans for the Virginia House of Delegates – including all 17 districts held by a Republican but won by Hillary Clinton this past November – is a “huge help” for the Virginia Republican “statewide ticket?” To listen to the story (by reporter Mmmmmichael Pope) that Whit-less is reacting to, click here. Finally, let’s all hope that this type of “thinking” by Republican “leadership” in Virginia continues through November – and beyond! LOL

  • More idiocy/insanity, this time with the VA GOP chair claiming that having two Dems running for the party’s gov. nomination means that we’re in a “civil war.” Of course, Republicans have THREE candidates running for their party’s gov. nomination, so by that “reasoning”… OK, yeah, don’t even TRY to figure this idiocy out, it will just hurt your brain. LOL


    • JoeDaBeast

      They obviously missed the very civil debate between the two candidates, which has established the climate for their supporters.

      My response to the NPR sound bite: “The Districts are not drawn that way” and the VA GOP doesn’t see that as a PROBLEM!!!!

    • woodrowfan

      it’s ALWAYS projection with the righties, always…. When a republican claims a Democrat is a pickpocket, the Dem should always check his wallet.

    • True Blue

      Is this just GOP preoccupation with war, dueling? I would like to know how they characterize their three-way. . . which is looking more and more like a primary landslide for Ed.