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CNU Tracking Poll: Northam 49%-Gillespie 42%; Fairfax 48%-Vogel 40%; Herring 51%-Adams 40%


Good polling numbers from the Wason Center for Public Policy at Christopher Newport University (CNU). Note that CNU’s 9/25 poll had the race at Ralph Northam +6 points (47%-41%) over Republican Ed Gillespie for Governor, Justin Fairfax +4 points (46%-42%) over Republican Jill Vogel for Lt. Governor and Mark Herring +5 points (47%-42%) over Republican John Adams for Attorney General. And finally, in the generic House of Delegates ballot question, Democrats are up 11 points (49%-38%), compared to 7 points (47%-40%) in the 9/25 poll. So, this is good news all around for the “blue team.” Now, we’ve got four weeks to bring this one home…

Northam leads Gillespie, 49%-42%, in tracking poll; Fairfax and Herring build leads in down-ballot races 

NEWPORT NEWS — Democrat Ralph Northam’s lead over Republican Ed Gillespie in the contest to be Virginia’s next governor has increased slightly, according to a tracking poll released today by the Wason Center for Public Policy at Christopher Newport University. Northam, now lieutenant governor, is the choice of 49% of the likely voters surveyed, while former Republican National Committee Chair Gillespie is the choice of 42%. Libertarian Cliff Hyra polled at 3%, with 6% undecided. The survey’s margin of error is +/- 4.3%.

In the Wason Center’s benchmark gubernatorial survey, released September 25, Northam led Gillespie, 47% to 41%. Hyra polled at 4% in that survey, with 8% undecided.

“The movement we see in this tracking poll runs in the Democrats’ favor, and all three continue to hold their advantage,” said Quentin Kidd, director of the Wason Center.

In the other statewide races, the leads of both Democrats grew, compared with the September 25 results, as the Republican candidates polled lower than in the benchmark poll. Democrat Justin Fairfax, a former federal prosecutor, leads Republican state Senator Jill Vogel in the lieutenant governor’s race, 48% to 40%, compared with 46% to 42% in the benchmark poll. In the campaign for attorney general, Democratic incumbent Mark Herring leads former federal prosecutor John Adams, 51% to 40%, compared with 47% to 42% in the benchmark poll.

On issues, 33% of Gillespie voters said illegal immigration was an important problem where they live, while 6% of Northam voters held that view. Very strong majorities of both Gillespie voters and Northam voters said crime in general and gang-related crime in particular were not problems where they live.

“Gillespie’s focus on crime and immigration appear to be attempts to appeal to his base, specifically those Republicans who voted for his primary opponent,” said Rachel Bitecofer, assistant director of the Wason Center.

P.S. Despite Gillespie’s disgusting MS-13 TV ads, only 4% of voters “agree strongly” that “Gang-related crime is a problem where I live,” and only 6% “agree strongly” that ” Illegal immigration is a problem where I live.”

  • United Mine Workers of America Endorses Ralph Northam For Virginia Governor

    Triangle, Va. — The United Mine Workers of America Virginia State Council of the Coal Miners Political Action Committee (UMWA COMPAC) today announced their endorsement of Dr. Ralph Northam to be the next governor of Virginia.

    “From his work to promote fairer conditions for workers to fighting for higher wages and protecting healthcare, Lieutenant Governor Northam is a friend of Virginia’s working families” said Cecil E. Roberts, UMWA International President. “We have a shared commitment to safe workplaces, good wages and benefits, and strong representation for workers in every industry. With Dr. Northam in the Governor’s Mansion, I feel confident that Virginia’s workers will continue to have a voice on the job and financial security at home.”

    Lieutenant Governor Northam has demonstrated a long-standing commitment to the working families of Virginia. From fighting for higher wages and worker protections to opposing attempts from Washington to cut healthcare for workers and their families, Northam is a champion that Virginia workers need.

    “I am truly honored to receive the support of the United Mine Workers of America,” said Dr. Ralph Northam. “It’s of utmost importance to me that we look out for our workers and their families. That means fighting to protect healthcare when it’s threatened, and creating opportunities to get the skills needed to keep pace with advancements in technology that will inevitably shape the economy for years to come. It also means strengthening and expanding our community college system, making sure every Virginian has the opportunity to get a good education, no matter where you live or what your background. As Governor, I’ll work hard to create good paying jobs, get incomes rising again, and build an economy that works for all Virginians.”

    The UMWA represents more than 80,000 active and retired coal miners, manufacturing workers, clean coal technicians, health care workers, corrections officers and public employees, and has fought for working families for over 125 years. The UMWA is the largest union representing coal miners in the world.

  • Video: Strong new ad by Ralph Northam hits Ed Gillespie on “selling out to the highest bidder”


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    I never know what to think of these polls in light of last year’s results. How accurate has this poll been in the past?