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Dear John Adams… (More Fearmongering Mail Pieces from the Virginia GOP)

Yes, they are actually depicting women being kidnapped and used for human trafficking on their mail pieces now. 

Posted with the permission of Stephanie White

DEAR JOHN ADAMS, Attorney General candidate.

I would like you and the law enforcement officers (who I suspect would not appreciate your co-op of their image in this piece) on your latest mailing to my address. Specifically, the image you AUTHORIZED for this ad (shown) [above] doesn’t make me fear or dislike your opponent.

It makes me fear your judgment and dislike YOU. No person who cares about women would put this image on the front of his political literature—with his endorsement.

This tells me EVERYTHING I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR MIND, nothing about law enforcement and nothing about your opponent. This comes from YOU and it is threatening, sir.

DO NOT exploit women and victims of crime in your literate ever, EVER AGAIN. Do not violate my mailbox ever, EVER again. I would like my local law enforcement office to know that they should respectfully request their disassociation with this piece.

Thank you,
Stephanie White

The above was written by my good friend Steph White. Just one look at that mail piece will tell you everything you need to know about the Virginia GOP — they’re stopping at nothing this year to scare people into voting for them… or at the very least, not voting for Democrats.

In many cases, it’s doing the exact opposite.

I’ve shown this mail pieces to many, especially women, and all of them have been disgusted and outraged. It’s obvious that our friends across the aisle are pulling out all the stops to win this year’s Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, and House of Delegate races.

Don’t think for a second that the above mail piece was a one-off, either:

There’s this one.
And don’t forget this one.

Seeing a pattern yet?

We have to do everything we can do make sure that these tactics are NOT rewarded next month. There are just a few weeks left before the election, and every little bit we can do to help our Democratic candidates matters.



  • Kindler

    ‪Here’s the irony: after 1 minute of Googling, I confirmed that Virginia has some of the lowest crime rates in the US: http://vaperforms.virginia.gov/indicators/publicsafety/crime.php‬.

    So why all the GOP fearmongering on crime, MS-13, etc.?

    • Have you ever tried to convince one of these Trumpster zombies about the crime rate or anything else? They simply are immune to fact, empirical evidence, data, reason, etc.

  • True Blue

    It’s typical that RVP’s Whitbeck uses Trump distractions and projections, Bannon’s attacks on moderation, as well as Koch dark money and Mercer dollars to guide the current iteration of campaign lies. I thought the swiftboating and other ads were despicable years ago, but this is the worst year ever for fear-mongering, negativity, and lies!!!

    This new and not-so-improved version of the Republican Party is why rational people do not trust those “limited government” excuses for what are not-so-veiled limits on Virginians’ rights; equal rights, worker’s rights, 1st amendment rights, voting rights, consumer protection rights, women’s reproductive rights, healthcare rights, free and appropriate public education rights, criminal justice rights, environmental protection rights, veteran’s rights, etc.