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Video: Live Stream of Final 2017 Virginia Gubernatorial Debate


I’m watching the Nats-Cubs game (go Nats!), but I figured I’d post this live video stream of the final 2017 Virginia gubernatorial debate. Go Ralph!

P.S. See below the video for a few tweets I liked…

  • Kindler

    I try to be an objective viewer, knowing I’m biased, but – I just see Ralph as a much more effective communicator here than Enron Ed: like the warm country doctor vs. the guy who knocks on your door trying to sell you insurance…

  • STATEMENT: In Final Debate Victory, Ralph Northam Captures Momentum Going Into November

    Richmond, Va. – Today, Dr. Ralph Northam and Ed Gillespie took part in the third and final debate of the 2017 Virginia gubernatorial race at the University of Virginia at Wise. The debate was hosted by the Southwest Virginia Technology Council and the University of Virginia’s Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy.

    Northam for Governor Campaign Manager Brad Komar released the following statement on Dr. Ralph Northam’s victory in the third general election debate:

    “With tonight’s victory, it was clear who will lead Virginia forward: Dr. Ralph Northam. Ralph again proved to voters that he’ll fight for the best interests of all Virginians, while Trump-lobbyist Ed Gillespie will lean into his career working for predatory student loan companies and big Wall Street banks, selling out Virginians to the highest bidder.

    “Ralph, with a career of service as an Army doctor, volunteer children’s hospice medical director, pediatric neurologist, state senator, and lieutenant governor, has an economic vision that ensures every Virginian feels the benefit of the Commonwealth’s progress. From expanding Medicaid, to increasing educational offerings at UVA-Wise and implementing the G3 program — get skilled, get a job, give back — Ralph will fight so that no matter where you live in the commonwealth, you have opportunity and a promising future. As governor, Ralph is committed to ensuring that every corner of Virginia is a part of the 21st-century economy.

    “Ralph’s strong final debate tonight made it clear that voters have a choice in November, a choice between two very different economic visions: Ralph’s plan to grow the economy and give people the skills needed to fill new-collar jobs, or Ed’s plan to cut taxes for the wealthy at the expensive of public education, workforce development, and healthcare.

    “Ralph proved tonight that he has the experience and integrity necessary to build on Virginia’s economic progress and defend our values against those who want to take us back, making him the best choice to become the next governor of Virginia.”

  • Video: Ed Gillespie brags about showing up for his corporate clients (e.g., Enron, Private Student Loan Lenders, and Companies That Laid Off Virginians)


  • Did you catch Ed Gillespie at 52:20?

    “NORTHAM: Do you support universal background checks in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
    GILLESPIE: Well…we….as you know, there are universal background checks….”

    What a colossal LIE!

    Gillespie has three options now:
    1) Admit he misspoke. (Maybe it was a trip of the tongue?);
    2) Admit he has no idea about what Virginia law is on gun background checks (pretty terrible admission for a gubernatorial candidate); or
    3) Say nothing, thus encouraging ignorant people in Virginia to believe Gillespie’s LIE when actual Virginia law allows private gun sellers to legally sell, with no questions asked, unlimited numbers of assault weapons and the bump stocks to make them into functional machine guns, along with 1000s of 100-bullet ammunition drums, to terrorists and lunatics, domestic abusers, rapists, and criminals with long rap sheets of gun violence.


    When I tried to make it no longer legal to sell military-grade weapons to members of ISIS or any other terrorist group, the Republicans KILLED the bill. They WANT it legal for any Virginian to give military capacities to America’s worst enemies. And so does Gillespie. How many of our veterans or other innocent people will have to die because of the Virginia Republican arms trade???

    That’s why this whole debate about MS13 is really, really stupid. Ralph Northam wants violent gang members in jail. Ed Gillespie wants to keep it legal to sell MS-13 these military-grade death machines.

    Gillespie and the Republican General Assembly would be the best ally the MS13 ever had in Virginia.

    Without Republican support for legally funneling guns to violent gangs, these gangs would be like the ones in Japan, gunless and far less dangerous.

  • STATEMENT: DPVA Chairwoman Susan Swecker on Tonight’s Debate: “Ralph Northam Will Be Rural Virginians’ Champion”

    Tonight, Democratic Party of Virginia Chairwoman Susan Swecker released the following statement on Ralph Northam’s commanding victory in tonight’s third and final gubernatorial debate in Wise, Va.:

    “​Once again ​Ralph Northam​ s​howed that he is the only candidate in the race who will champion rural Virginia. Ralph has the ideas, the passion, the knowledge, and experience to actually enact policies that will lift up our rural communities, expand access to health care for every Virginian, and ensure that every corner of our commonwealth benefits from the New Virginia economy. Ralph is a son of rural Virginia and his lifelong commitment to rural communities — from Lee County to the Eastern Shore — shined through in this debate.

    “While Ralph laid out his vision to lift up all Virginians, Ed Gillespie once again offered little more than stale talking points. Ed struggled tonight because he has never done anything for the people of Virginia. While Ralph spoke passionately about ​his commitment to ensure ​that ​every​ Virginian has the skills to get ​a ​good-paying job, Ed Gillespie​ showed he is most passionate and proud of his work in the muck of the DC swamp representing​ companies that laid off Virginians. As an Army doctor, Ralph served this country and saved lives. ​What has Ed Gillespie ever done​ for anyone but himself?​

    “Finally, as a daughter of Highland County, I’m proud that our party’s nominee has put the issues facing rural communities at the center of his policy platform. Tonight further demonstrated what we’ve seen this entire election: Ralph is the only candidate in this race with the experience, integrity, and values to build on the progress Virginia has made over the past four years — and go even further.”

  • DNC Congratulates Ralph Northam on Final Debate Victory

    After Ralph Northam’s clear victory in tonight’s Virginia gubernatorial debate, DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement in response:

    “After tonight’s final gubernatorial debate, it is clear that Ralph Northam is the only candidate who will ensure that all Virginians have access to quality and affordable health care, build a modern workforce of tomorrow, expand opportunities for small businesses and create good-paying jobs across the Commonwealth. Ralph Northam committed his life to the service of others but unfortunately Ed Gillespie made his career out of serving special interests, big corporations, and himself. Gillespie’s extensive lobbying career allowed him to pocket millions at the expense of hard-working Virginia families and his tax plan would line the pockets of his millionaire and billionaire pals, like Donald Trump. In fact, instead of refusing the president’s endorsement and condemning Trump for attacking a veteran, Gillespie proved he would be a rubber stamp for Trump’s disastrous agenda and Virginians will reject Gillespie and Trump this November.”

  • RobertColgan

    Seemed like a fairly clear-cut choice laid before the voters….the voters who bother to actually LISTEN to what is being said instead of blindly looking for the R or the D behind the names on the ballot.
    Northam came across as candidate with a true sense of purpose for the citizens, Gillespie a candidate with a true purpose of attaining office.
    I will say that I am not-at-all happy with Northam’s backing of King coal to obtain votes from the southern portion of the State…… given the risk to everyone’s health from continued emissions—(not to mention added carbonization fueling ecosystem damage)—I would expect Northam once installed as Governor to take a more conscious stance AGAINST the utilization of a fossil fuel clearly no longer regarded as safe…..but I recall that doctors were one of the final groups to come out against the use of tobacco, and cease smoking themselves.
    Nonetheless, he is without any doubt the candidate for VA to elect into office