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Video: Rep. Comstock Denies Her Horrible Record on Guns, Runs Away from Constituent


by Dump Comstock

Cowardly Comstock Denies Her Record (VIDEO)

Once again, Barbara Comstock has been caught on video running away from one of her constituents. This latest episode took place yesterday at the Clifton Day festival.

It only takes 15 seconds before Comstock gets partisan and attacks her own constituent, saying, “I know you’re here politically today.” That’s a pretty lame attack for someone who spent the day campaigning with various house delegates at the same event.

Comstock’s husband then takes the cue and proceeds to walk right in between Barbara and her constituent – while they’re in the middle of talking. We’ve seen his tactic before with staffers, but why pay staffers to run interference when your family will do it for free?

Meanwhile, Comstock starts to shuffle away from her constituent. When he tries to follow her, she holds up a finger, and without looking him in the eye, tells him to “Just hold on a second.”

The constituent persists, since he knows her next move will be to make a break for the exit without answering his question. He then asks her why she voted to allow greater access to guns for the mentally ill.

Comstock tends to say the craziest things whenever she is running away from her constituents. This time she chose to flat out lie when she responded:

“Well you know that’s not the case.”

There are two possible explanations for this. The first is that she thinks we’re idiots and that nobody is aware of her public voting record. The second, and more likely explanation, is that she is afraid of having to explain her “A Rating” with the NRA.

Comstock can deny it all she wants, but she has already voted twice this year to roll back Obama era regulations designed to prevent the mentally ill from getting access to firearms.

Those are just the votes she took to weaken background checks for the mentally ill. She’s taken dozens of extreme votes on guns, including voting to allow people on the terrorist watchlist to purchase firearms.

Comstock’s days of running away from her constituents are numbered. She won’t be able to hide next November when we hold her accountable.


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