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Ralph Northam Won 24 out of 40 Virginia State Senate Districts; Several GOP Incumbents in Serious Political Danger


Check out the following visual by VPAP, which shows the Virginia State Senate districts won by Ralph Northam and Ed Gillespie last Tuesday. The results: 24 Northam-won districts to 16 Gillespie-won districts. Those Northam-won districts includes several currently held by Republicans, and several where Northam won huge (e.g., bye bye Frank Wagner, Dick Black and Glen Sturtevant; maybe time to “spend some more time with your family” or something? LOL): District 8 (Bill DeSteph) — Northam won 49.8%-49.0%; District 12 (Siobhan Dunnavant) — Northam won 51.5%-47.2%; District 7 (Frank Wagner) – Northam won 53.6%-45.1%, District 13 (Dick Black) — Northam won 55.2%-43.7%, and District 10 (Glen Sturtevant) — Northam won 57.7%-41.0%.

  • Jeremiah Soria

    Now I just hope my Senate District 14 can muster enough blue votes to flip that seat blue, provided a strong contender comes out to challenge John Cosgrove. It’ll be pretty tough considering Gillespie prevailed by a big margin in that district, but I’m still holding out some hope that we get a strong contender in 2 years.

  • disqus_yJb6ycEy0r

    By my reading of this map Ralph Northam also narrowly won Bryce Reeves’ district as well…

    • Looks like Gillespie edged out Northam there, 49.7%-49.1%.