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Video: Voting Rights Advocates, Democratic Candidate Joshua Cole Rally; Demand that Stafford County Registrar Count Every Vote


  • Another super-close race, between incumbent Del. Tim Hugo (R) and Democratic challenger Donte Tanner just got a bit closer…with Hugo leading by 115 votes.


  • Statement on Stafford County Board of Elections Meeting
    STAFFORD COUNTY, Va. –The Virginia House Democratic Caucus today issued the following statement from our attorney Marc Elias of Perkins Coie:

    “We continue to monitor the canvass in Stafford County very closely and remain concerned that Military and Overseas voters may have been improperly disenfranchised in violation of the US Constitution and federal and state law. We will watch carefully what the board does tomorrow and will assess our options at that time. But make no mistake, we will do everything we can to ensure that every eligible voter has his or her vote counted in this election.”

  • OrangeDem

    Appointment of Registrar Riddlemoser back in 2011 was so controversial even the Free-Lance Star covered it. Current Registrar had served for 25 years but was a Democrat. Riddlemoser was a blank slate with no history of civic involvement in the area and a recent transplant from the Pacific Northwest. Seems like six years later he is still playing role of a malleable political hack for the GOP

  • The latest on the Stafford County situation, courtesy of VA Dems Vice-Chair for Rules Marc Broklawski


    • old_redneck

      Regarding Greg Riddlemoser. I’m secretary of our County Electoral Board, been a Board member for 8 years. I’ve dealt with Greg. He’s not a political hack. He’s a former fighter pilot. I’m an old Army infantry officer – I’ve encountered fighter pilots before.

      The difference between God and a fighter pilot is that God doesn’t think he’s a fighter pilot.

      Greg is in a sensitive public position for which he does not have the temperament. He’s not crooked or biased. He’s a good guy in the wrong place.

  • old_redneck

    At the risk of being unpopular . . . the Registrar is right.

    Absentee ballots. The registrar is right. The 55 ballots should not be counted.
    Virginia election law states clearly that ballots must be in the hands of the Registrar or the Electoral Board before the polls close — 7:00 PM, election night. Code of Virginia 24.2-709.A.

    As I understand it, the registrar picked up absentee ballots from the Post Office before the PO closed. Then, the polls closed at 7:00 PM. There was no more mail delivery to the PO until Wednesday morning. Any ballots delivered to the PO after the polls closed will not be counted. Thus, the 55 ballots in question arrived too late to be counted.

    The law is clear. The absentee ballot must be in the hands of the Registrar or the Electoral Board BEFORE the polls close — postmark, USPS barcode, and anything else is irrelevant.

    And — please do not reply to me by pointing out the provisions of 24.2-709.B. — that section applies only to absentee voters to whom the registrar did not send an absentee ballot by the deadline for an absentee ballot to be mailed to the voter. That’s not what happened here.

    I’m the Secretary of my county Electoral Board. Our PO closes at 4:30 after which one of the postal workers brings to the Registrar any absentee ballots in the PO at 4:30. There is no more mail delivery until after 8:00 AM the next day. Any ballots in that mail are too late. Period.

    Provisional ballot logs. The provisional ballot logs contain (1) name and address of the person casting the provisional ballot, (2) reason for the provisional, and, (3) the decision of the Electoral Board to accept or reject the ballot. The Board’s decision is not made until noon Monday. However, 24.2-653 gives the Board the authority to extend the deadline if the voter requests an extension. I think it may be a good idea to release the provisional logs after the Board’s accept/reject decision has been made, otherwise, the log is incomplete.

    • John Farrell

      I’m the former General Counsel for the Fairfax Dems and I’ve been in the provisional ballot meeting of the Fairfax Electoral Board every year since 2010.

      We get a preliminary provisional ballot log the Wednesday afternoon after the election. On it is listed: 1) the precinct of the provisional voter; 2) the name of the voter; 3) address of voter; 4) phone number of voter, if provided on the provisional ballot envelope; and 5) the year of birth of the voter (this helps distinguish between people in the same household with similar names, like my son and me).

      The parties use that information to contact the voter to help them gather whatever information they have to convince the electoral board to count their vote and get them a ride if they need it.

      The SBE prohibits disclosure of the reason code for reasons that make absolutely no sense.

      This year 52% of provisional ballots were accepted across Fairfax County.

      There were 36 provisionals in the 40th HOD race; 16 were accepted – 12 went for Tanner, 4 went for Hugo. Curious to know the numbers in PWC.

  • Tuesday morning update on Stafford County absentee ballots situation, courtesy of VA Dems Vice-Chair for Rules Marc Broklawski