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Virginia House of Delegates Districts Won by Ralph Northam but Still Controlled by Republicans: Top Targets in 2019


For a handy reference, the following – per VPAP – are Virginia House of Delegates districts won by Ralph Northam on November 7 but either lost by Democrats or in legal limbo at the House level. Clearly, all (or most) of these districts should be targets for Democrats in 2019. Del. Tim Hugo (R), in particular, should be very, very worried, given that his district went by over 10 points to Ralph Northam!  Note that these Republicans might also want to seriously consider “tacking to the center” in their voting patterns (e.g., on Medicaid expansion, environmental issues, etc.), but they’re probably too ideologically right wingnut to do that. We’ll see…

HD 62Del. Riley Ingram (R) defeated Democrat Sheila Bynum-Coleman here (by a 12,163-11,344 margin), while Ralph Northam won the district 49.5%-49.4%
HD 76Del. Chris Jones (R) was unopposed, while Ralph Northam won the district 49.8%-49.2%.
HD 83Del. Chris Stolle (R) defeated Democrat David Rose-Carmack here (by a 13,173-10,077 margin), while Ralph Northam won the district 50.3%-48.3%.
HD 28Del. Bob Thomas (R) apparently defeated Democrat Joshua Cole here by just 82 votes, pending litigation, while Ralph Northam won the district 50.8%-47.8%.
HD 27Del. Roxann Robinson (R) defeated Democrat Larry Barnett here by just 128 votes, while Ralph Northam won the district 50.9%-47.6%.
HD 84Del. Glenn Davis (R) defeated Democrat Veronica Coleman here (by a 10,835-10,093 margin), while Ralph Northam won the district 52.1%-46.7%.
HD 100Del. Rob Bloxom (R) defeated Democrat Willie Randall here (by an 11,720-10,720 margin), while Ralph Northam won the district 52.7%-46.3%.
HD 40Del. Tim Hugo (R) defeated Democrat Donte Tanner here by just 106 votes, while Ralph Northam won the district 54.7%-44.4%.

HD 94Ralph Northam won the district 56.0%-42.7%, while the House of Delegates race currently is in limbo between Democrat Shelly Simonds and Republican David Yancey.

  • LHarrisonF

    Chris Jones, Chris Jones, Chris Jones! I’ve been harping on this district for years now, and it’s clearly a key district that Democrats failed big by not even contesting.

    Wagner retires, open Virginia Beach State Senate seat draws out a House GOP, Democrats pick up both opens seats in 2019!

  • C Pruett

    Are there vote totals available for the gov’s race or just percents? I’m curious how much dropoff there is from people not voting at all downticket.

    • I’m going off of VPAP’s graphic, which has percentages. I presume they have the vote totals as well, but I’m not sure they’re displayed publicly….

  • J. Mott

    How many of these 9 districts, if any, did McAuliffe win in 2015? (This might help indicate whether these delegate campaigns helped affect the number democratic votes at the top of the ticket). And what are the Republican-held state senate districts that were won by Northam in 2017?

    • disqus_yJb6ycEy0r

      Dems won the Sturdevant Black and Wagner districts for certain. I think they also narrowly won Chase’s district and narrowly lost Bryce Reeves seat

      • In the State Senate, Northam won districts 8 (DeSteph), 10 (Sturtevant), 12 (Dunnavant), 13 (Dick Black). SD-17 (Bryce Reeves) was very close, with Gillespie beating Northam by just 0.6 points (49.7%-49.1%).

  • RobertColgan

    As a general rule, it’s damn tough to unseat an established incumbent in America.
    Usually takes either an egregious misstep by the incumbent (photgraphed strangling an infant with its own umbilical cord, that sort of thing) or a real tide shift in favoritism from one party to the other.
    Even tougher when gerrymandered districts muddy the going….

    I gotta say, I hate the 2 party duopoly ——– somehow magically avoiding prosecution under RICO, it’s about as exemplary a collusive criminality as one can find on open public display.
    We NEED to break that two-step clusterf_ck to allow people with true allegiance to constituent issues —not party organization— to have accepted political voice if we’re ever to have genuine reform.

  • linda1pebv

    MUST WINS! Let’s go!

  • wwfleming

    The DPVA and the so-called Coordinated Campaign failed to support too many candidates. For example, if the DPVA had funded one or two GOTV mailers or Facebook ads for all the Democratic candidates, it would have likely (IMHO) tipped several additional house seats including Veronica Coleman, Larry Barnett, and Josh Cole. The House would have been solidly true blue.