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Audio: Scott Pruitt Agreed that Trump As President Would be “dangerous,” “abusive to the constitution”


Scott Pruitt may be an anti-environmental extremist, climate science denier and all-around nutjob, but as the saying goes, even a stopped watch is correct twice a day. Well, back in February 2016, Pruitt ripped Donald Trump in a newly uncovered radio interview, predicting that if Trump ever were to become president, he would be “dangerous,” “abusive to the constitution,” and wouldn’t even TRY to “nuance his unlawfulness.” It’s pretty scary when I agree with the despicable Scott Pruitt, but hey…credit where credit is due in this case — in this case, other than the bull**** about Barack Obama, Pruitt absolutely nailed it re: the Mango Mussolini…

  • Video: Sen. Whitehouse asks Pruitt if he recalls his comments about Trump


  • RobertColgan

    “Musta been some other Pruitt…Ah dohn’t remember sayin’ anything like thet . . .thar’s lots of Pruits out there. . . .musta been some other one”

    Wow. This guy has literally NO conscience.
    Is it possible that consciences can be specifically targeted and lobotomized???
    THAT would explain much of the ’45 administration.