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Thursday News: “We’re at a Crossroads in Our Democracy”; McAuliffe Went “from party boy to policy wonk”; “A legislative peace treaty — for now” in VA House of Delegates


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, January 11.

  • Good bye Barbara

    Dave Wasserman (cook political report) tweets today:
    If there was any question before, Issa’s retirement seals it: #VA10 Rep. Barbara Comstock (R) is easily the most vulnerable incumbent in the House.

    If the writing is in big letters on the wall, why not find something else to do that is more fun?

  • For immediate release from Joshua Cole For Delegate:

    We are upset to learn the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit declined to grant preliminary relief yesterday in the appeal of Lecky et al. v. Virginia State Board of Elections et al. The voters affected by this case have no legal remedy to their problem and have been left disenfranchised by our government.

    Cases like Lecky v. VA State Board of Elections highlight the need for an accountable government that will put the rights of voters over partisan divisions. Fighting for the rights of citizens was the factor that motivated my initial run and ensuring this issue is corrected is a sincere concern to me.

    The people of the Commonwealth deserve a fair and inclusive government that will fight for the people, a fight I plan to continue beyond this campaign season. I intend to pick up the torch again in 2019 and run once more for the Virginia House of Delegates.

    We now leave the 28th House District in the hands of Delegate Robert Thomas for the foreseeable future. Yesterday I spoke with Delegate Thomas and offered my prayers to him and congratulated him on being sworn in today as our Delegate. I wish him the wisdom and fortitude to represent his constituents, regardless of whom they voted for this election.

    I pray Delegate Thomas works diligently to correct the issue of the 384 voters who are assigned to the incorrect district. Voters like D.D. and Kenneth Lecky have an inalienable right to vote for their representative and that right must never be infringed. No government deserves the respect of its citizens that does not in turn respect the rights of those citizens.

    (Still) Fighting for us,

    Joshua G. Cole
    Democratic Candidate for HD 28
    Joshua Cole For Delegate