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Final Results of VA-01 Dems Poll: John Suddarth 63.5%, Edwin Santana 30.2%, Vangie Williams 6.3%


If you’re into it, vote below in our (non-scientific) poll for the VA-01 Democratic nomination. Also, see below for some video of the candidates – John Suddarth, Vangie Williams and Edwin Santana.

P.S. Would like to get to 500 or 600 votes on this one…

UPDATE Friday 12:02 pm: OK, with 600 votes exactly, there’s a clear winner in this one – John Suddarth.

  • Karen Hulebak

    Can’t really take seriously a poll that had only 121 respondents. Or a poll, such as the BlueVirginia poll regarding VA’s 7th — open for one day — that showed a greater than 100% difference between the first and second place “winners.” Sowing confusion during our primary season is not going to help us win the general election — and isn’t that what we all really most care about? It certainly SHOULD be.

    • Just curious, do you support any of the VA-01 or VA-07 candidates? Usually I’ve found that people complaining about these mostly-for-fun, definitely-non-scientific polls don’t like the results, because their preferred candidate didn’t come out on top. But perhaps you’re an exception to that general rule…

      • Actually, just checked the FEC website…looks like I have my answer.

    • Kenneth Ferland

      These are all just straw-polls (maybe better in the future to call them that explicitly) no one should consider them predictive of outcomes. They are at best a measure of the blogs readers preferences and they are harmless.

      • They also measure how hard various campaigns and their supporters push to win them – and how organized/energetic those campaigns and supporters are (or are not).

    • 535 votes now and increasing…

  • LibertarianDemocrat

    I live in the first; sadly, I don’t think this one will really be in play. But we definitely got to contest every race this year. I mean, it could end up like November, you never know!

    Honestly, give me a scientific poll where all three have their profiles shared. Then, candidate by candidate, ask if they’d support that person over Wittman. The best competitor has my vote.

    Sounds lame, I know. But I just want my best chance at winning. This is not a district where I want any form of “litmus test.”

  • John Martin

    I want Wittman OUT……….whatever that takes………….he does us NO GOOD

    • LibertarianDemocrat

      Agreed. Strongest candidate gets my vote!