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Video: Hard-Right Barbara Comstock’s Even Harder-Right Teapublican Opponent – “She voted for more abortions, more gun control, and more illegals.”


I’m posting the following for two main reasons: 1) I think it’s very funny to see someone as hard right as Barbara Comstock (votes 97.1% with Trump — a higher percentage, by the way, than Dave Brat, Bob Goodlatte, Morgan Griffith, Tom Garrett and Rob Wittman!) attacked from someone (Teapublican Shak Hill) who’s even further to her right; and 2) I’d love to see Shak Hill defeat Barbara Comstock in the VA-10 GOP primary this June 12, even if it means not getting to watch Comstock’s political career end in crushing defeat this November.  With that…enjoy the following from Shak Hill! 🙂


I would have voted NO on the Omnibus bill unlike #BeltwayBarbara Comstock who voted YES. She voted for more abortions, more gun control, and more illegals. The bill has no funding for the wall, strips out the veterans provisions, strips out national conceal carry, it is a complete trainwreck. No Obamacare Repeal! There is ZERO chance Barbara will hold this seat in June or November. That is why we need a fighter, someone who is a strong conservative, who will fire up the base and turn out more people than the Democrats. We can keep this district RED, but only if you elect me, Shak Hill, on June 12th.

We need to raise $50,000 for our end of quarter deadline coming up on March 31st. Please contribute $25, $50, or $100 right now to help me raise what is needed to defeat #BeltwayBarbara. #VA10 #DrainTheSwamp

  • Speaking of Teahadists — they looooooooove them some Nick Freitas! LOL

    Loudoun Constitutional Conservatives holds Candidate Forum and Straw Poll

    For Immediate Release loudounccpac@gmail.com
    March 26, 2018

    Lovettsville, VA – The Loudoun Constitutional Conservatives (LCC) held their 2018 Federal Candidate Forum and Liberty Lunch on March 24, 2018. U.S. Senate Candidates Nick Freitas and E.W. Jackson and 10th Congressional Candidate Shak Hill participated. U.S. Senate Candidate Corey Stewart was invited but dropped out two days before the event, citing schedule conflicts.

    “It was honestly refreshing to have a forum that did not devolve into name-calling and personal attacks,” said S. Chris Anders, Director of LCC. “Only those candidates who responded to our 2018 Candidate Survey and stand with us on protecting the core principals of life, liberty and property were invited, for we would never give a stage to those who wish to violate the core principles our Republic was founded upon.”
    Candidates were asked a variety of questions, from their stance on the 2nd Amendment, the 4th Amendment, monetary policy, education, the 10th Amendment and foreign policy.

    At the conclusion of the event, LCC conducted a straw poll of attendees with the following results:

    US Senate Candidate Results
    Nick Freitas – 85%
    E.W. Jackson – 13%
    Corey Stewart – 2%

    10th Congressional Candidate Results
    Shak Hill – 69%
    Barbara Comstock – 31%

    “All of the invited candidates did an amazing job of sticking to the questions asked, and all had a solid grasp of the issues and the choices facing voters in 2018. It was disappointing that Stewart pulled out of the forum at the last minute. I personally think that was a mistake on his part because we had a number of voters come in supporting him but left supporting another candidate,” continued Anders. “We attempted, and I hope succeeded, in moving beyond sound bites to reveal and discuss the candidates’ core principles and how they would apply to important and difficult issues. As a result, we saw many attendees change their minds on which candidates they support.”

    The Loudoun Constitutional Conservatives is a Virginia Political Action Committee, and does not endorse candidates for Federal Office, but rather seeks to help educate the voters of Loudoun County.


  • Harry

    Another nut job. We need more of the fringe to run.

  • James McCarthy

    Tribal cannibalism by the radical right among the GOP is great sport. Hopefully, ESPN will commence coverage leading up to 2018 and the candidates in the finals.

  • Dave Webster

    Barbara will win the primary and then win the general election. LuAnn Bennett already tried the Comstock=Trump ploy and it failed. That is virtually all the Democrats have.

    • DCStrangler

      LuAnn Bennet was married to Jim Moran for 6 years. No way would I ever vote for her, because that shows 5 years of bad judgment.

  • DCStrangler

    It’s hilarious to see you label every Republican hard right, or right wing. Heck, Trump isn’t even “hard right”. Just because he’s a racist, xenophobic git doesn’t make him right wing. Plenty of Democrats that harbor those same views. So comparing Comstock’s voting with his doesn’t even make sense, nor do any of the “X votes with 99% of the time ads”.