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Video: 2 Arrested “attempting to stop illegal logging on the route of the Mountain Valley Pipeline in Bent Mountain, VA”


The following is from Appalachians Against Pipelines. And Gov. Ralph Northam remains silent…

This afternoon, Roanoke County police arrested 2 people who were monitoring and attempting to stop illegal logging on the route of the Mountain Valley Pipeline in Bent Mountain, VA.

The police have extended the boundaries of the MVP easement to include arresting people who are within 2 tree lengths of the limit of disturbance. By arbitrarily extending the easement, they forced the landowner (not in this video) to leave her own property.

Donate to resistance in Bent Mountain: bit.ly/farmlandsfightingpipelines

  • After two months of protests, citizens highlight Northam’s inaction

    Citizens spoke via phone with a Bent Mountain tree-sitter and highlighted the Governor’s lack of response to months of letters and his broken promises regarding the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley pipelines

    RICHMOND, Virginia– Concerned citizens protested outside of Governor Northam’s office in opposition to the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley Pipelines and to highlight his broken promises to protect Virginia’s environment. This marked almost two months of actions and weekly letter deliveries to the Governor without any response from him. From 10:00 to 10:45am, eleven activists chanted, sang and spoke about the threats faced by the MVP and ACP. They heard from a resident of Bent Mountain – a community impacted by the MVP – and, via phone, a Bent Mountain tree-sitter. They delivered a letter to the Governor and Attorney General. These actions, which will next occur on Wednesday, April 11, 2018, continue the weekly protests addressing issues related to the two fracked-gas pipelines.

    The eleven activists gathered behind the Office of the Governor to highlight Northam’s history of broken and unfulfilled promises related to environmental protection. They spoke, chanted and discussed Governor Northam’s need to acknowledge his ability to live up to his own words that “tomorrow can be better for the men and women who depend on clean air. Governor Northam walked close to the event, but ignored the group and their requests. Genesis Chapman of Bent Mountain spoke about what their community is facing in the path of the MVP, their continued fight and their call for Northam to intervene. He also connected the group with a Bent Mountain tree-sitter who shared their experience. Props included colorful signage addressing the growing list of Northam’s broken promises. Several of the activists delivered a letter to the Governor, via delivery to the head of Constituent Services, followed by their delivery of a letter to Attorney General Herring.

    Statements from the Event Organizers, Virginia Pipeline Resisters:

    Stacy Lovelace, Virginia Pipeline Resisters, on Northam: “[His] silence and inaction is especially unconscionable in light of new developments that the life of a peaceful protester, the brave person in the monopod sit-in, is being put in danger by the Forest Service – they have cut this person off from food and water and continue to shake the monopod anchors with disregard to the fact that even slight disruption to those anchors could cause the sitter to fall multiple stories to the ground. Further, MVP is continuing to cut down trees past the felling deadline; and Dominion’s ACP, LLC has withheld pipeline construction plans from the public, government decision-makers, and regulatory agencies and is seeking exemption from certain regulatory requirements. All of these things are happening here in Virginia, on Governor Northam’s turf. What will it take for the Governor to wake up?”

    Jessica Sims, Richmond-based activist, on Northam: “He has spoken about how he wants to bring people to the table and figure out how we can move forward in the best way. We want that too. This invitation that should have be extended to the public, not to the corporations that want to trap us in a neverending story of fossil fuel dependence and abuse the weakness of our regulatory agencies. He has a unique opportunity to uphold his own promises to Virginians, his oath as a physician to do not harm and to validate the moral responsibility his position as Governor holds.”

    The next weekly protest will be held Wednesday, April 18, from 10-10:45am behind the Office of the Governor.