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From Russia (To Trump White House to Barbara Comstock) With Love


Virginia’s 10th Congressional District Democratic primary is getting a bit of unusual attention these days.

In short:

From Russia to Hannity to White House to Comstock, the trail of support for the (almost certainly) criminal (and likely treasonous) Trump is clear.

Vote Vets’ (which has endorsed Helmer) perspective is spot on:

More fundamentally, this is an excellent example of decades-old Republican sound machine misdirection — with the sweetener (tainting) of Russian engagement. As with all the manufactured outrage that the Right Wing has had over the decades — like breathless furor over President Barack Obama wearing a tan suit as some of fundamental outrage to humanity — this attack on Helmer both distorts the actual advertisement’s words and is a misdirection from discussing the substance. A simple reality recognized by all Americans paying attention to politics and not living in an #AlternativeFacts world:

Donald Trump
is an extremely
serious threat to
American Democracy.

A legitimate case can be made/argued that Trump is (along with his Republican Congressional enablers refusing to uphold their Oath of Office) perhaps the most serious internal threat the nation has faced to the Republic’s existence and future since Secession.

Who, conveniently, doesn’t see this? Tinfoil-hat conspiracy promoters like Sean Hannity and extremist partisan Republicans like Barbara Comstock who are clearly ready and willing to put (and are putting) party before country.

Helmer ad:


Russia Today

Sean Hannity

White House

Helmer on WH statement:

Barbara Comstock

Helmer response to Comstock





  • Henry Howell

    You can’t make it up.

    • A_Siegel

      Sadly, this is what the #AlternativeFacts world of Breitbart, Alex Jones, Sean Hannity, Donald Trump, and, well, too much of the Republican Party have been doing for decades now … ‘making it up’ and having the media reporting as if substantive.

  • Anthony Shifflett

    He just gained my vote in the primary.

  • A_Siegel

    Every day, there are elected GOP officials and their supporters (like Hannity, Alex Jones, etc, etc …) who say truly horrific things and they (very rarely — Roseanne as a clear exception, but after many years) get called on it, GOP officials never are held to account for their supporters’ (their own) outrageous words — and there isn’t media outrage echoing to have them held to account.

    Yet, the media continues to be complicit in going along with GOP false framing … and amplifying the faux outrage … with, sadly, too many Democrats pusillaminous in the face of this faux outrage.

    Regretfully, the old GOP tactic isn’t failing.

    At least some in the media is reporting falsely (example, CNN https://www.cnn.com/2018/05/30/politics/democrat-trump-osama-bin-laden/index.html) that “a Democratic candidate for Congress from Virginia compares President Donald Trump to Osama bin Laden”, falling right in line with what the GOP sound machine (and Russia) has framed this as.

    Actual Helmer words in the ad:

    “After 9/11, the greatest threat to our democracy lived in a cave.

    “Today, he lives in the White House.

    “No one, even the President, is above the law.”

    Actually, my ‘disagreement’ with Dan is that I don’t think that bin Laden was necessarily a threat to “our democracy” (even if I agree fully that he was a threat who, along with many others, merited a bullet) and unlikely, even if he was a “threat to our democracy”, that he was ‘the greatest threat”.

    Trump, however, is a fundamental “threat to our democracy” and certainly is the fulcrum of the greatest threat to the Republic today.

    As to how the GOP faux outrage still works, here is Pelosi’s office’s comment:

    “Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff, Drew Hammill, said, “While the Leader does not condone the end of this ad, if the President wants to join in raising the level of civility in politics he should begin with himself.””

    What, Representative Pelosi does not believe that Donald Trump is the greatest threat to American democracy in 2018? Seriously? And, she does not condone a Democratic Party politician stating this obvious truth?