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Virginia News Headlines: Tuesday Morning

by: lowkell

Tue Apr 17, 2012 at 06:30:41 AM EDT

Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, April 17. Also, check out Willard's secret mic moment, in which he reveals plans he won't tell the public. Just like he won't do what his father did, and release his tax returns? What does Willard have to hide? A LOT, apparently!

*Dulles rail line is Gov. McDonnell's transportation test ("The underlying problem is that Mr. McDonnell's transportation policy has been a failure.")
*Va. General Assembly returns for uncertain budget vote
*Governor tries to remove sticking point on budget
*'Buffett Rule' divides George Allen, Tim Kaine in Va. Senate race
*As Dems Unite Behind Buffett Rule, Kaine Questions Its Timing
*Va. elected officials remember Virginia Tech shooting
*Parties step up outreach to Va. Hispanics
*Va. revenue collections up (Thank you President Obama and Congressional Democrats!)
*Prince William climate case judge already anticipating the appeal
*Conservative group sees glimmer of hope in climate case ruling (Science deniers? These people are demented).
*Virginia Supreme Court to weigh limits on official e-mail in Fairfax schools case
*Who will decide the mining issue?
*McAuliffe testing Dem support, says governor announcement months away
*Marshall: 'My first obligation is to the people'
*Registrars oppose voter ID 'signature' amendment ("Placing Electoral Boards and registrar staff in the position of being handwriting analysts is unwise policy and will create controversy in the counting of provisional ballots")
*Editorial: Get the budget done ("Don't keep localities waiting over a partisan fight over how taxing tolls should be.")
*McDonnell backs postponing tunnel tolls until January 2014
*Proposed Norfolk complex dealt environmental setback
*2012 Stanley Cup playoffs: Bruins edge Capitals for 2-1 series lead

P.S. Based on this story, let's just say that it's obvious why the Romneys are married, really just perfect for each other (e.g., both of them will say ANYTHING, they maintain a remote connection at best to the truth, they're both super-rich and out of touch with 99.9% of Americans).

lowkell :: Virginia News Headlines: Tuesday Morning
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Jim Webb statement on Virginia Tech shootings anniversary (0.00 / 0)
Five years since the horrific shootings at Virginia Tech, I again express my condolences to the many people who lost loved ones that day. The Blacksburg community and the students of Virginia Tech have inspired our Commonwealth and nation with their remarkable resilience.

This tragedy underscored the need to stop those who are mentally ill from acquiring firearms. In recent years, improvements have been made along these lines to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). As a lifelong gun owner who feels strongly about protecting Second Amendment rights, I believe that further steps can be taken - including requiring the use of the NICS system for all people who purchase a firearm in a commercial setting - in order to prevent future tragedies while preserving the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

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WP Bemoans Transportation Mess (0.00 / 0)
It's rather ironic that the Kaplan Post is now saying that McDonnell has no transportation plan. The reason they gave for endorsing him in 2009 was his "transportation plan." It was obvious then that his "plan" was to borrow against future federal money, money coming from the feds he hates so much and berates for spending too much. That and giant tolls on the most populous, congested parts of the state (and the most prosperous). The Post, and the majority of voters bought the lie that he could magically create new roads and rail out of thin air, just like they bought the snake oil of "no car tax" that Jim Gilmore used to get into the governor's mansion.

The Post did NOT endorse McDonnell! (0.00 / 0)
They strongly endorsed Creigh Deeds, largely on the transportation issue.
But the central challenge facing Virginia and its next governor is the deficit in transportation funding projected at $100 billion over the next two decades -- and only Mr. Deeds offers hope for a solution. Following a road map used successfully in 1986, he would appoint a bipartisan commission to forge a consensus on transportation funding, with the full expectation that new taxes would be part of the mix. Mr. McDonnell, by contrast, proposes to pay for road improvements mainly by cannibalizing essential state services such as education, health and public safety -- a political non-starter. And rather than leveling with Virginians about the cost of his approach, as Mr. Deeds has done, Mr. McDonnell lacks the political spine to say what programs he would attempt to gut, or even reshape, in order to deal with transportation needs.

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Oops. (0.00 / 0)
Sorry about the mistake. My memory was really faulty on that. I remembered that the WP endorsed Deeds in the primary, but I was wrong about the general election...very wrong. Thanks for the correction.

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