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Breaking: Boehner Plan Wouldn’t Stop Downgrade of US Credit


Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire flags this CNN report:

House Speaker John Boehner claimed last night if President Obama simply signed the House legislation he has introduced, which would raise the debt ceiling in two stages, the “crisis” atmosphere over the nation’s credit rating would simply disappear.

However, CNN reports that Boehner’s debt plan would actually not meet the threshold of ratings agencies to avoid a downgrade of the naton’s debt while Sen. Harry Reid’s debt plan would would preserve the country’s AAA credit rating.

If the Boehner plan wouldn’t stop a downgrade of America’s credit & the hit to our economy that goes along with it, while Reid’s would preserve America’s pristine AAA credit rating, why is WashingtonPost.com calling them “similar plans”? The Beltway media might as well wave the white flag on covering the Tea Party-manufactured debt ceiling crisis. Just post the competing press releases with a note that says, “We give up. You try to figure out what’s true.”


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