Home National Politics Annabel Park Talks “Coffee” and “Tea” On Kojo Nnamdi Show

Annabel Park Talks “Coffee” and “Tea” On Kojo Nnamdi Show


Great stuff from Coffee Party founder Annabel Park on the Kojo Nnamdi Show. The key message? As one commenter explains, it’s that “everyone needs to be an active participant in our democracy at all times – and not just during political campaigns or critical policy decisions”; also, that everyone needs to “participate in democracy through civil discourse geared toward the discovery of common ground.”  As another commenter writes, “We do have a Government that we can fix.” This is in stark contrast to the Tea Party, which – as Annabel explains – “has declared war on the federal government and objects to pretty much what it stands for conceptually.”  In stark contrast, Annabel believes that “the federal government really has to be part of the solution.” I couldn’t agree more – with Annabel and the Coffee Party, that is.  

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