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“Liberal Media” Gave Blanket Coverage to Tea Party Convention; Blacks Out...

This weekend in Louisville, Kentucky, there's a national political convention going on. Of course, you wouldn't know it if you watched the evening news, read the morning paper, or listened to the radio, but several hundred Coffee Party activists are gathered right now for their first-ever convention. And the media coverage is...basically non-existent, so far at least. In fact, I just did a Google search for "coffee party convention," and basically got nothing from the "mainstream media," other than a few local stations. I also got an article on the right-wing Big Government wsbsite, asking "Who Put the Prozac in the Coffee Party Convention?", and another article from something called the California Independent Voter, "All (unintentionally) quiet on the Coffee Party front."

That's about it in the last few weeks. No NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, NPR, PBS, USA Today, Washington Post, New York Times, AP, or just about any other major media outlet. Basically, it's a full-fledged media blackout of the Coffee Party convention. Oh, that liberal media!

In stark contrast, coverage of the first "Tea Party" convention, held last February in Nashville, Tennessee, was enormous, breathless, and pretty much wall-to-wall. Do a Google search on "Tea Party convention" and "Nashville" and watch as hundreds of thousands of results pop up on your screen. That included coverage by Fox News, CNN, and Reuters TV, among many many other media outlets such as the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, and pretty much...well, everybody. All to cover about 600 "delegates," far fewer than the 2,100 or so that participated in this year's Netroots Nation gathering, for instance (although more than the approximately 350 attending the Coffee Party convention).

Of course, none of this is anything new for the so-called "liberal media." For instance, check this out:

Annabel Explains How 9500 Liberty Led to the Coffee Party


I don't agree 100% with the Coffee Party, but I admire Eric Byler and Annabel Park tremendously for pulling it together.  And, of course, their work on the Prince William County immigration fight, including the film "9500 Liberty," was extraordinary. If you haven't seen it, you can watch it on MTV this Sunday evening. It's times like this I wish I had cable TV!

P.S. The Coffee Party's first convention is being held this weekend in Louisville, KY. I'm very curious to see how this will go.

Democracy vs. Republic, Foul Pole vs. “Fair Pole”

Over at the Coffee Party website, Annabel Park refutes the ridiculous notion that America isn't big enough to be both "a representative democracy and a republic." Annabel explains:
The whole meme that we are not a democracy but a republic is based on a distortion and diminution of the concept of democracy into a single, abstract form of it: a direct and pure democracy. Yes, we do not have THAT form of a democracy. We don't go to the polls to make every single governmental decision.  We have a representative democracy in which elected leaders are empowered by the voters.

A direct and pure democracy is only one form of a democracy. There are various models...

Got that? No, it's really not that difficult a concept, except to people who try really hard to make it difficult. As Eric Byler points out, it's analagous to  "baseball fans eager to prove their superiorty without putting in the time to study, let alone play the actual game," who claim that the "foul pole is in fair territory," thus should be called the "FAIR pole." Eric's response? "Every time I hear that I think (1) congratulations, you heard someone else say that and remembered how to repeat it exactly, and (2) it doesn't prove you know more about baseball than the other 50,000 fans in the park."  

Ha, so true. But something tells me it won't stop people from saying it, just like the people claiming we're not "really" a "Democracy" (or people claiming that "progressive" is the same as "socialist" or Barack Obama isn't the "real" kind of Christian, or that global warming's a big plot by environmentalists, or whatever other nonsense they're spewing these days).

Is It Time for a “Transpartisan Dialogue” Over “Coffee?”


At this point, after watching the "Party of No" and the "Tea Party" in action since Barack Obama's election (and, really, during the entire Bush presidency), I'm highly skeptical that Coffee Party founder Annabel Park's suggestion of "transpartisan dialogue" will prove to be worthwhile. How can you "dialogue" with people who create their own "facts," who are impervious to empirical evidence (e.g., the overwhelming science of global warming), who hold ignorant and bigoted views (Islamophobic, xenophobic, homophobic, key word "phobic") of their fellow citizens, who hold Democracy itself - and "dialogue," for that matter - in contempt?

I mean, I wish Annabel luck, and if anyone can do it she probably can; seriously, the woman's a force of nature. And maybe, just maybe, a movement of rational, culturally diverse, fact-based, solutions-oriented, and non-partisan (rather than hyper-partisan to the point of blindness) people, opening a "transpartisan" dialogue over "coffee" with the non-crazy elements of the Republican/Tea Party coalition, can win the day in 2010 America.  I'm skeptical, but I hope to be proven wrong later this month when the "Coffee Party" holds its convention in Louisville, Kentucky. Go Annabel (and her similarly super-talented partner, Eric Byler, too)!

Coffee Party Video: Lawrence Lessig Says “Clean Up Wall Street &...


Nice job by Laurence Lessig and the Coffee Party Movement.
...The financial system has been so mismanaged, because Congress is terrified that if they do the right thing they will be punished by the very people they are trying to regulate. And that's why it is so critical right now, for people across the country, whether from the left or the right, to push extraordinarily hard to achieve two critical reforms.  Number one, a reform of the banking system, so that these people don't have the power to blackmail our Congress into giving them the special deals that they want. And number two, a reform of campaign financing, so that people cannot use their extraordinarily powerful wealth and influence to affect and hold hostage our Congress. These are critical reforms and we need them right now...

College Students Speak Out for Campus Coffee Week April 17-25, 2010


For more complete instructions for Campus Coffee Week, go to

Campus Coffee Week April 17-25


Great stuff as always by Annabel Park, Eric Byler, et al. BTW, Coffee Party membership is now up to 199,033 fans on Facebook.  

Annabel Park Talks “Coffee” and “Tea” On Kojo Nnamdi Show


Great stuff from Coffee Party founder Annabel Park on the Kojo Nnamdi Show. The key message? As one commenter explains, it's that "everyone needs to be an active participant in our democracy at all times - and not just during political campaigns or critical policy decisions"; also, that everyone needs to "participate in democracy through civil discourse geared toward the discovery of common ground."  As another commenter writes, "We do have a Government that we can fix." This is in stark contrast to the Tea Party, which - as Annabel explains - "has declared war on the federal government and objects to pretty much what it stands for conceptually."  In stark contrast, Annabel believes that "the federal government really has to be part of the solution." I couldn't agree more - with Annabel and the Coffee Party, that is.  

Head of Coffee Party Comments on Tea Party


Interesting comments by Coffee Party founder Annabel Park on the Tea Party. Also see Frank Rich's column in this morning's New York Times, entitled, "The Rage Is Not About Health Care," about what Rich believes is really driving the Tea Party movement.

Video: Coffee With Congress/Coffee Party Summit


For more on the Coffee Party, click here. Great work as always by Eric Byler and Annabel Park!