Krystal Ball Sweeps Fredericksburg, Stafford Caucuses: Is This Race Over?


    Krystal Ball tweets:

    Now that’s impressive: Every. Single. Delegate. So, with that — Krystal picking up 1/3 of the committed delegates she needs to win, with Robinson picking up zero – is the race for the 1st CD Democratic nomination between Krystal Ball and Scott Robinson already over?  After today’s rout of Robinson, it certainly could be. Here’s Marc Broklawski’s take.

    While there are plenty of contests left before the 1st Congressional District Convention in May, the math for Scott just got a whole lot harder to secure the nomination – if not impossible. The fact is that Krystal’s base of support is strong throughout the district, especially in the southern part of it. I’m also confident that Krystal understands that she cannot take anything for granted and will continue working hard throughout the entire district.

    Scott’s field operation seemed non-existent today, if he even has one. Back in February, Scott believed that because of his background, the fact that he was raised within the district and the fact that he was a waterman as a kid that would translate into victory. His overly simplistic and naïve view of things, was clearly on display today; and should provide a moment of pause for democrats who were thinking of supporting him. His formula for victory is a losing one and his message, or lack thereof, is not resonating with the electorate. This election is too important and the stakes too high. Krystal is clearly our best chance of winning this year.

    The wheels are clearly coming off of his campaign and his lack of a clear message and strategy is evident. It may be time for him to reassess the viability of his campaign and whether or not he drag out what appears to be an inevitable outcome.

    I strongly agree with Marc’s analysis and look forward to Krystal Ball taking on Rob Wittman (R) and/or Catherine “Bullet Box” Crabill (T as in “Tea Party”) in the general election.


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