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Mark Warner’s Gotta Like This Article


This morning’s edition of The Hill has an article on Mark Warner that he’s got to be very happy about. Entitled, “Sen. Warner gaining more influence,” the article reads like a piece of (Mark Warner) campaign literature.

Among other things, the article quotes Sen. Lindsey Graham as saying “[Warner]’s an easy guy to work with.” It has John Podesta calling Warner “one of the few people that can still have a civil conversation with people across the aisle.” It quotes Sen. Bob Corker describing Warner “the best partner anybody could possibly imagine.” It refers to a “senior Democratic aide” calling Warner “a promising candidate” for Majority Leader if Harry Reid loses reelection. It says Warner has worked “behind the scenes…to unify junior Democratic senators,” that he “has won rave reviews from business leaders,” and that “Senate Democratic leaders view Warner as one of the more promising new members of the conference and have given him challenging assignments.” And it quotes the head of the Business Roundtable, praising Warner as “one of those few members of the Senate who understands the business side and gets how the business has to operate.”

As I said, this article could be a piece of Warner campaign literature. The only question is, what will Warner run for next?

  • JobyTodd

    Mark Warner is a pro-corporate hack. His lack of leadership on the Health Care “Reform” bill demonstrates that he is not committed to the people of Virginia but is committed only to his corporate friends. By being part of the “conservadem” coalition which supports the status quo he helped to throw the Public Option under the bus and has refused to sign the Senator Bennett’s (D-Colorado) letter in support of adding the Public Option to the bill via reconciliation.

    He lost my respect and he’s lost my vote. The next time that Warner’s name appears on the ballot for ANYTHING, the Green Party candidate will be picking up my vote.  

  • JobyTodd

    We’ve had four years of Warner as Chairman of DPVA, four years as Governor, and 1.5 years as a US Senator to push him in a progressive direction. And he hasn’t budged and, obviously, has no intention on budging.

    Like you, I don’t want to see a Republican in that seat. More importantly, I want a progressive in that seat. For that reason, I’m hoping that someone from the “Democratic wing of the Democratic Party” will challenge him for the nomination when that time comes. That individual will have my full support and should s/he fail and Senator Warner renominated, I’ll be voting Green. I don’t worship at the alter of Mark Warner but if he’s all that popular with the party base and independents, my vote for the Green Party (not the Independent Green Party) candidate will be more symbolic. At least, I’ll go bed less frustrated that what I have had to endure.

    Meanwhile, keep pushing Senator Warner in that progressive direction. I, however, have moved on to a different windmill.