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Cuccinelli Predicts All Americans to Die


The government will tax every building at $125,000 per year until no one has any money to buy food, at which point everyone will die out and there will be no people left.

I’m pretty sure that’s what Ken Cuccinelli is saying here, although it’s really hard to sort it all out — and I say that as someone who works on environment & energy issues every day. I think Cuccinelli starts with new Environmental Protection Agency regulations on mountaintop removal coal mining, confuses that with lies about a clean energy & climate bill that would actually create 1.7 million jobs & smushes it all together with lying about EPA global warming regulations under the Clean Air Act to say they’ll apply not to industrial polluters emitting at least 25,000 tons of CO2 a year but instead to any building Ken Cuccinelli points to. I have no idea where he got $125,000 — I think he made up a big scary number on the spot.

In other words, Ken Cuccinelli lies so much, even Ken Cuccinelli can’t keep straight what Ken Cuccinelli is lying about at any given moment.


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