Jim Lindsay: Grassroots Response to Health Care Passage


    video cross-posted from Sum of Change and Blue Commonwealth

    Today we were joined by Jim Lindsay of the Virginia Organizing Project. This is part of a series of interviews we have done and continue to do with grassroots activists who devoted time, money, and energy to passing health care reform.

    Mr Lindsay is a member of the VOP’s Health Care Reform Committee. We spoke about this recent fight for health care reform and what lessons grassroots activists can take away.

    As I said earlier, we continue to reach out to grassroots activists to respond to the recent passage of health care reform. If you would like to suggest someone for us to interview, please contact us.

    You can see plenty of our coverage of the Virginia Organizing Project’s efforts on health care reform at this link. You should also check out our last grassroots response from Dr. Margaret Flowers of Physicians for a National Health Program.


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