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McDonnell On Arizona Immigration Law: “that brings up shades of some other regimes”


Bob McDonnell likens the draconian Arizona immigration law to “other regimes that were not particularly helpful to democracy and civil rights.”  McDonnell is correct in this case (for once!), but I can just imagine how his comment – comparing the Arizona immigration law to…what, apartheid? fascism? – will go over with “the base.”  Apparently, McDonnell has decided to side with Meghan McCain over John McCain on this one. Heh.

UPDATE: In related news, it looks like the superb film on the Prince William County immigration resolution, 9500 Liberty, will be opening this Friday at theaters in the Phoenix, AZ area.

9500 LIBERTY traces the rise and fall of “The Immigration Resolution” in Prince William County, Virginia. Come find out why a Virginia county repealed the same police mandate Arizona just passed. view the 9500 Liberty trailer No one wants Arizona to suffer the same negative economic impact, negative public safety impact, expensive lawsuits, and higher taxes suffered by the people of Prince William County. This weekend, you can help support an award-winning film that, if successful, will inspire Arizonans to take action, and send a message to the Arizona legislature.


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