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Governor Drill-Baby-Drill McDonnell Traveled to BP Co-Sponsored Confab Monday


It’s only been about two weeks since the BP oil rig in blew in the Gulf and the spill began its relentless move toward the fragile coast.  Yet even as the massive oil spill threatens the Florida Keys, and possibly the entire East Coast, Gov. Bob McDonnell is using the opportunity to exploit his being in the pocket of drill-baby-drill Big Oil.  And to illustrate how deeply in the pocket he is, Think Progress reports that McDonnell has traveled to a BP-funded conference. Talk about rubbing the nation’s collective nose in the oil spill!  Bob is nothing if he is not abrasive. Unlike other Virginia officials who want to postpone drilling off Virginia’s coast pending an investigation into the causes of the disaster, he’s also pushing  even harder for more offshore drilling as this article indicates.

So, on Monday, the Guv traveled to Houston, capitol of clean environments everywhere (snark) to join his buddies in Big-Oilism.  As TP points out, this puts him in the company of folks like David Vitter, who has used the disaster in the Gulf as an opportunity to exploit the situation and gain more subsidies for Louisiana.  Just what Louisiana needs (snark)!


You have to wonder sometimes at the sheer crass depravity of the oil barons and their buddies.  Speaking of oil barons, there is mounting evidence that Halliburton (the nation’s second largest oil services company)is allegedly at least partially behind the Gulf’s massive spill.  Read about it here, here, and here.

In Congress, the House has called hearings and summoned BP, Halliburton and others.  And Dick Cheney has the nerve to talk to us about homeland security. Come to think of it, Dick has been pretty quiet during the past two weeks.


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