Instant Classic of Right-Wing Moral Hypocrisy


    Courtesy of pro-“abstinence” Rep. Mark Souder (R-IN), check out this interview with his mistress. An instant classic of right-wing moral hypocrisy.

    By the way, I love how his resignation letter is WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS FOR NO APPARENT REASON, and also how he manages to blame “THE POISONOUS ENVIRONMENT OF WASHINGTON DC” for his own horrible judgment and moral failings.  If you haven’t laughed hard enough yet, here’s some more on Souder the right-wing moral hypocrite. He’s also a big fan of so-called “intelligent design,” which basically rejects the overwhelming scientific evidence for natural selection, aka “evolution.”  Why am I not surprised?

    P.S. Just to demonstrate how batshit crazy Ken Cuccinelli is, even a loon like Souder acknowledges that “Obviously there’s global warming” and that “the government needs to do something about it.”  That’s right, Cooch is even crazier than Souder, and that’s saying something!