Is Ward Amstrong batshit crazy or is Jeff Shapiro desperate for a column?


    As a recruiter of House candidates for our party, Ward has been an abject failure.  Creigh Deeds demonstrated that obscure, rural, male, anti-abortion, pro-gun, D lawmakers do a lousy job motivating the urban, suburban and minority bases of the Democratic party in statewide elections. Before my downstate brethren go nuts, try a name id poll among likely Democratic primary voters in the I-95 corridor.  If Ward gets double digits, I’ll consume any article of clothing you pick.

    Will Ken Plum, please, get this guy to see reality and drop this quixotic foolishness?

    Is Ward going to be eliminated in this winter’s redistricting?  That’s really up to Dick Saslaw and the degree to which he wants to fight for downstate House Ds in next year’s redistricting.  

    Word is that NoVa Ds are convinced the Rs will pile as many as possible into the same districts but it’s hard to draw a map the helps Rs pick up any seats in NoVa in an election with no statewide races.  But such an effort by the Speaker could make Saslaw spend any chits he has on preserving the House seats of NoVa House members.

    Even so, Armstrong has done nothing to endear himself to the D base and plenty to tick them off.

    Does Hunton & Williams or Maquire want another political has been on their roster, Ward?  That’s the higher percentage play.  Unless you want to pull a Specter.


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