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Just When You Thought the Virginia GOP Couldn’t Get Any Crazier…


Dick Black is back!  For more on Black, click here. For instance:

In an extraordinary recent interview (click to listen to MP3) with the radical right-wing group Concerned Women for America regarding HB2921, Delegate Dick “Baby Pesticides” Black insults his colleagues in the Virginia Senate, claiming that they are “aligned with various elements of vice and so forth.”


Delegate Black also spends time in the interview repeating the discredited claims of one of his star witnesses, pseudo-sociologist Paul Cameron. Black said, “The fact [sic] is, in children that have a homosexual parent, approximately 29% of children are molested by that parent. That contrasts with .6 percent of normal parents….a 50 to 1 increase in risk for molestation.”  No reputable scientific study backs up these claims.  Black continues by saying, “No structure is more unstable than a homosexual relationship.”


One of the most stunningly twisted quotes from the interview was Black saying that the main issue is “whether we should favor the best interest of the child, or whether the children should be used as rewards for certain sex activists“.

And let’s not forget this classic: “Mr. Black said, aside from the morality of the issue, he is concerned that birth control is contributing to a low birth rate in the United States and called contraceptives ‘baby pesticides.'”

Now, it looks like this guy could be the Republican candidate for State Senate against Mark Herring. As I said in the headline, “just when you thought the Virginia GOP couldn’t get any crazier…”

P.S. The Crazy Cooch endorsement should be coming any day now!  Heh.


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