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Ken Cuccinelli Is a Uniter NOT a Divider!


That’s right, Ken Cuccinelli has united everyone. Against him!

University professors aren’t known to be the most organized bunch, but in Virginia they do seem to have found a cause in opposition to Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s subpoena to the University of Virginia seeking documents related to the work of climate scientist Michael Mann.

The Union of Concerned Scientists today released a letter it said has been signed by 800 scientists and professors in Virginia urging Cuccinelli (R) to drop his efforts to collect documents about Mann

Not that Cooch will listen to people who have more knowledge of science in their toenails than he has in his entire brain. Still, it’s great to see Cooch being a “uniter” not a “divider.”  Heh.

UPDATE: You can read the letter here. For the record, there are 283 signers from UVA, 26 from the University of Richmond, 21 from the University of Mary Washington, 30 from Randolph-Macon, 15 from Radford, 19 from ODU, 31 from JMU, 38 from the College of William and Mary, 5 from Christopher Newport University, 85 from GMU, 30 from VCU, 68 from Virginia Polytechnic and State University, and 143 from “other institutions and non-affiliated.” Shockingly, nobody signed from Regent or Liberty “Universities!” Heh.