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Post- Election Rant


We had a good night last night.  So why am I complaining?  I’ll tell you why.  The so-called MSM (shame-stream, not lame-stream, Sarah), in its outrageous and fawning coverage of Rand Paul (more on him in a moment), eclipsed the fact that Democrats had a far better night than Republicans.  

The Democratic base turned out in far greater numbers.  Joe Sestak unseated a former Republican-turned “Dem”.  Mark Critz won Murtha’s seat in a real contest, the special election, against a Republican.  And Blanche Lincoln, a DINO and Republican in Dem clothing, was forced into a run-off.  Bill Halter now leads Blanche Lincoln — 48% to 46% — in overnight polling for the June 8 Run-Off! But you’d never know this if you listen to the so-called MSM.  Yet all the corporate media can talk about is Rand Paul and the so-called Tea Parties.  A so-called movement spawned by Dick Armey and Peter Peterson and populated by mostly conservative Republicans IS NOT a populist movement, nor a movement of any kind.   And the populist yearnings of some individuals, albeit some duped individuals they have roped in notwithstanding, it is still not a populist movement.  

The media does this brainwash despite the fact that the so-called tea partiers aren’t (tea partiers).  They don’t qualify as a modern rendition of an historic tea party because the 2010 ones have representation.  Are they too ignorant to know what really happened in the original one?  Or are they reading GOP rewrites of history.  The original tea parties were not sparked, as today’s ones are, by corporations trying to interfere with impending legislation in and oversight by Congress. There was no US Congress at the time of the original tea party.  And the crowd is too ignorant to know, or too corrupt and deceitful to care, that they front for/represent corporate interests, all the ones Americans for Prosperity and Freedom Works (and others) front for.  Yet they call themselves a “movement.”  It’s laughable.  

If they are a “movement” they are one which dumps a crap load of twice-chewed corporate drivel upon the rest of us.  And the shame-stream media knows, but won’t report it.  Indeed, the “movement” is nothing more than the base of the GOP.  From hence forth I will not use the term “Tea Party,” but rather TP, a more fitting term, I think.  They don’t like the term tea baggers (which they began using first).  Call em TP.

And now a few words about Rand Paul.  Son-of-an-elite, and an elite himself, Rand Paul is a country club Republican pretending he’s an outsider.  His father went to an Ivy (Duke–not that there’s anything wrong with Duke, but it is one of the most expensive universities in the nation) and is a physician and member of Congress (insider).  Daddy Paul says he believes in term limits, but doesn’t believe in them when the term limit is his own.  Elite.  Washington Insider.  Did I mention xenophobe?  Daddy Paul is an “insider” in that respect too.  No “outsiders” need apply.

Baby Randy is a doctor, an ophthalmologist.  Elite.  But because he lives in KY instead of , say TX, with Daddy, he’s hoping the folks see him as an outsider.  Yeh, sure.  Have you actually heard him speak?  An more effete snob there has not been since, umm, William F. Buckley.  Yeh, he’s a TP.  He wants to kill the Dept of Education and the Federal Reserve.  He wants to drown government and programs people depend upon. He’s an opportunistic, arrogant  and messianic demagogue, who uses malicious lies to strike fear in a gullible electorate…all for the greater glory of corporations and Club for Growthers everywhere.  “Movement?”  No.  It’s insider radical conservatives making a power play and taking some Americans populist and libertarian yearnings along for the ride.  So stop BS-ing us, so-called MSM outlets.  Tell it like it is, for once.


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