Should we congratulate Bob McDonnell . . .


    . . . on being named Regent University Alumnus of the Year?

    From the WashPost:


    The governor’s office didn’t announce this award, but Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) doesn’t seem to be running away from it either.

    Regent University, the Virginia Beach school founded by the controversial religious broadcaster Pat Robertson, named McDonnell its “alumnus of the year.”

    Regent announced the award during last weekend’s graduation ceremony, though the governor received the award during a campus visit April 13.

    “Bob’s dedication to serving the citizens of Virginia has been evident for years, and his election as governor is an outstanding example of Regent’s motto of Christian Leadership to Change the World,” Robertson said in a press release. “We’re proud of all that Bob has accomplished and delighted to bestow this honor upon him.”

    I don’t know whether to congratulate him or to . . . to . . . AAAAHHHHGAG — OOOPS!! Too late — I did the other thing — bring a mop!!!


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