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Virginia Democrats tell Cuccinelli “Hands off our universities”


The Democratic Party of Virginia slams Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli for his “latest misuse of power,” this time conducting a witch hunt against a former University of Virginia climate scientist. Sen. Mark Herring (D-33) adds, “This is Virginia, since when do we investigate professors when we disagree with them?” Apparently, that’s the way it is in the Cooch’s Virginia.

Since taking office, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has continually abused his office to meddle in the affairs of Virginia’s public colleges and universities in pursuit of his own personal, political agenda.  Last week’s civil subpoena of the University of Virginia for research by climate change science professor Dr. Michael Mann is the latest misuse of power by Attorney General Cuccinelli.

As Attorney General, Cuccinelli has issued a letter to university presidents stating that university policies prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation were illegal under Virginia law.  Ken Cuccinelli also issued a statement of full support for the questionably legal raid on JMU’s student newspaper “The Breeze” by the Rockingham County Commonwealth’s Attorney.    

“Virginia is home to some of the finest universities in the country.  Parents send their children to our schools because they will receive a high quality education, not to be subject to Ken Cuccinelli’s ideological influence,” said C. Richard Cranwell, Chairman of the Democratic Party of Virginia. “This is just the latest ‘big government’ abuse by a self-proclaimed conservative. In Cuccinelli’s world, government overreach is something other people do.”

Yesterday, University of Virginia alumnus Senator Mark Herring (D-Loudoun and Fairfax) raised serious concerns about the actions of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.  

“On its face this seems to be a serious abuse of the power of the Attorney General,” Herring said. “This is Virginia, since when do we investigate professors when we disagree with them?”  

Herring continued, “This action will jeopardize Virginia’s ability to attract scientists and researchers to our prestigious universities for fear that they will be investigated when the Attorney General disagrees with their findings, not to mention our ability to promote advanced technology industry locating in the Commonwealth.”

UPDATE: NLS has more on the mentality of Ken Cuccinelli. It’s not pretty.

UPDATE #2: Is Bob McDonnell starting to distance himself from the Cooch? Interesting.

UPDATE #3: The UVA Faculty weighs in, saying that Kookinelli’s actions “directly threaten academic freedom.”


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