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Dem’s on Malek Commission Need to Speak Up or Step Down


(And here’s the exact problem: McDonnell “pointed to the six current members of the commission who are Democrats and have not stepped down, despite the problems party activists have Malek’s role.”  Grrrr. – promoted by lowkell)

Sorry, but this is not acceptable.

… Friday afternoon, when Malek chairs his first meeting of Gov. Bob McDonnell’s government reform commission, the three Democratic legislative members say they don’t plan to protest too much.

Del. Bob Brink of Arlington and Sen. Louise Lucas of Portsmouth said in separate interviews they don’t expect to say anything about Malek. Lucas said enough has been said about him already.

Sen. Mary Margaret Whipple of Arlington told us she will likely not reference the Nixon-era history but will publicly mention the personnel issue.

Sorry, but Democrats on this commission aren’t there just to provide Bob McDonnell with political cover for his non-reform “reform” commission. Sure, Sen. Whipple is correct that “governors are entitled to a fair amount of deference in the appointments they make,” but that does NOT mean there’s any obligation for Democrats (or anyone) to serve on a commission with a corrupt slimeball who served as Richard Nixon’s “Jew counter” (listen here) back in the early 1970s.  

Message to Democrats on the Malek Commission: speak up or step down!

UPDATE: Donald McEachin says, “Yeah, I wouldn’t serve on that commission with Fred Malek as the head.”  Good answer! 🙂


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