I’m Fred Malek, and I Ripped Off Another State’s Pension Funds…


    Fascinating. When Fred Malek introduces himself, he doesn’t talk about his fine service in the Nixon Administration as chief “Jew counter.” What, isn’t he proud of that part of his career? Nor does he mention the fact that his firm, Thayer Capital Partners, was forced to pay a civil penalty of $150,000 — and Malek himself forced to cough up $100,000 — for their role in defrauding Connecticut state pension funds.  Of course, that might not have gotten a government “reform” panel off on the right note, so perhaps that explains Malek’s omission. Heh.  

    Anyway, I’m sure this commission will do fine work, even though Virginia’s government has already been slimmed down to the bone by Governors Warner and Kaine, and even though the commission (not to mention Virginia itself) is led by a bunch of right-wing ideologues whose answer to every question is “cut spending for the most vulnerable.”  Despite all that, I’m sure this will be a highly productive exercise.  Yeah, and if you believe that, you probably also think that George W. Bush was one of our greatest presidents…


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