McDonnell Appoints Anti-Affirmative Action Homophobe to Education Commission


    As much as Bob McDonnell tries to pretend he’s a “moderate” and not Pat Robertson’s Manchurian Governor, he just can’t help himself. Check this out.

    John Rocovich is back.

    Gov. Bob McDonnell has tapped Rocovich, a Roanoke lawyer and a controversial former Virginia Tech Board of Visitors rector, for the commission that recommends appointees for the governing boards of the state’s universities.


    The controversies continued in 2003 when, prompted by an opinion from then-Attorney General Kilgore that Tech’s affirmative action policies violated federal law, Rocovich led a briefly successful campaign to dismantle affirmative action at Tech. At the same time, the board stripped protections for gays and lesbians and others from the university’s nondiscrimination policy.

    But widespread protests erupted, and the board reversed itself a month later.

    In sum, John Rocovich is a political appointee only Pat Robertson could love. Or Bob McDonnell, of course. I’m trying to decide which one of McDonnell’s appointments is worse: Bob Sledd, Fred Malek, or John Rocevich.  Thoughts?


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