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What Radical Conservatives Have Wrought


There is considerable intemperate talk on the teabagger wrong-wing.  But the cons keep pushing the envelope.  Now Rick Barber (R-AL), candidate for Congress has gone way, way over the line. CBS News reports that:

Rick Barber, a Tea Party-affiliated candidate for Congress in Alabama’s second district, released an ad Sunday in which he angrily tells men dressed as America’s founding fathers that Americans are being taxed without representation, prompting the George Washington character to soberly intone that the time had come to “gather your armies.

“Gather your armies?” This is encouraging civil war, and, therefore, sedition.  We are still waiting for national Republicans with a conscience to begin to dial this stuff back. BTW, the goofball has representation and he is not being taxed without such.  Of course, if astro-turf teabaggers win, then we wouldn’t have representation, but the the corporations would.


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